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31st Annual Convention; Chicago, IL; 2005

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Paper Session #455
Int'l Paper Session - Bereavement
Tuesday, May 31, 2005
12:00 PM–12:50 PM
Boulevard C (2nd floor)
Area: EAB
Chair: Emma Cobane (TreeHouse School)
Reducing Bereavement-Related Depressive Behaviours Through the Self-Management of Inner Behaviours
Domain: Applied Research
EMMA COBANE (TreeHouse School), Michael Keenan (University of Ulster, Coleraine)
Abstract: This paper assessed the efficacy of a programme of inner behaviour (positive and negative thoughts and feelings) self-management upon depressive behaviours resulting from bereavement. Further, its effect upon an observable behaviour deemed to be in deficit as a result of the depression was also determined. A single-subject ABAB design was implemented during which the participant was instructed to see/say as many positive inners per minute as possible using SAFMEDS worksheets. Further, an intensity measure on a scale of 1-10 was given for each day whilst the Beck Depression Inventory was completed at various points throughout the course of the exercise. The data recorded on the Standard Celeration Charts demonstrated that the 1-minute timings proved effective in reversing the negative depressive inner behaviours whilst positive inners increased in frequency. A corresponding increase in the number and frequency of words written per day was also demonstrated. In light of these findings, the implications for future behavioural research into the development of interventions designed for those suffering bereavement-related depression are discussed.
Can an Arbitrary Skill be Used to Model the Processes Involved in Bereavement?
Domain: Basic Research
EMMA COBANE (TreeHouse School), Michael Keenan (University of Ulster, Coleraine)
Abstract: A series of three studies was designed with a view to experimentally analysing behaviours associated with bereavement. Across three experimental conditions, which involved the learning of an arbitrary skill (namely verbally recognising the Chinese numbers 1-100), there were nine participants (three per condition). An ABA reversal design across participants and conditions was implemented. Throughout each condition participants recorded the number of Chinese thoughts they had per day using the free/tally learning channel. During the experimental phases participants were required to see/say Chinese number SAFMEDS, in other words ‘see’ Chinese number characters, ‘say’ the number for the Chinese character in English. The experimental conditions differed in terms of the fluency aims set and the way in which the arbitrary skill was affected in an attempt to mimic the process of bereavement. The results obtained, which were recorded on Standard Celeration Charts, support the inner behaviour literature, suggesting a possible relation between private and public behaviour via the training of an arbitrary skill. The implications of this study for further experimental analyses of conceptual issues arising from inner behaviour research are discussed.



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