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31st Annual Convention; Chicago, IL; 2005

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Paper Session #397
Int'l Paper Session - Professional Competencies for Behavior Analysts and Psychologists
Monday, May 30, 2005
3:30 PM–4:20 PM
Williford B (3rd floor)
Area: EDC
Chair: Janet Ellis (University of North Texas)
Personality and Professional Competencies In Psychology Students
Domain: Service Delivery
SEBASTIAN FIGUEROA RODRÍGUEZ (University of Veracruz), Leticia Rivera (Universidad Cristobal Colon), Clara Olivia Romero Rodríguez (Universidad Cristobal Colon), Adriana Ordaz García (Universidad Cristobal Colon), Ilse Lara Cado (Universidad Cristobal Colon)
Abstract: This work’s objective is to analyze students personality profile, and relate it with their professional competencies, which are demanded as much in their university formation as in the labor world. Participants in this study were under graduate students (seniors) from Universidad Cristobal Colón in Veracruz, Mexico The method research is qualitative via interviews with professors with expert ices in different areas of psychology that helped select those students with higher levels of professional competencies in psychology different areas; personality profiles of select students were obtain through psychometric instruments. Once students specified their labor field interests, a relation was made to be able to establish if their personality and professional competencies are the ones required by the position profiles in their elected labor field.



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