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The Association for Behavior Analysis International® (ABAI) is a nonprofit membership organization with the mission to contribute to the well-being of society by developing, enhancing, and supporting the growth and vitality of the science of behavior analysis through research, education, and practice.

International Delegations

International dissemination, especially in areas where trained behavior analysts are few, requires the sustained work and commitment of many individuals. To target areas of potential growth, the ABAI Executive Council approved the concept of international delegations in 2000. The mission of international delegations is to help basic and applied behavior analysis develop in regions of the world where their establishment might be difficult without such support.


A delegation consists of a small group of experienced behavior analysts who work with pioneer behavior analysts in a region to explore and implement suitable long-term development of the field based on need and available resources. ABAI ensures that delegations communicate a comprehensive view of the field and that behavioral applications are properly represented and directly relevant to the specific needs of the locations visited.


It is important that delegations target areas where there is not only potential for growth, but for long-term support. Delegations cannot accomplish the long-term establishment of behavior analysis in a single visit, but must have the resources to support sustained growth for several years until a significant group of behavior analysts are identified or trained to continue the movement. ABAI assists with the creation of affiliated chapters and facilitates networking with regional organizations and individual behavior analysts. Involvement of hosts and delegates is key to the success of a delegation.



The role of the host is essential to the delegation's success. Hosts volunteer time, energy, and resources to identify needs, network, and plan activities with ABAI. A host must be able to document a need and opportunity for the development of behavior analysis, recruit members and support the creation of an affiliated chapter, and be committed to working actively for the development of behavior analysis for at least 5 years. The host needs to be able to arrange meetings between higher education representatives and delegates, organize facilities and advertising for seminars and meetings, bring an audience and media representation to the events, and arrange for translation of presentations, if needed. Hosts are expected to be part of all the delegates' activities.


If you see the need for a delegation in your region and would like to serve as a host, please submit a proposal here:


I am interested in hosting a delegation.



Although each delegation is unique because it is designed to meet local needs, delegates usually travel for a period of 7–10 days initially, volunteer their time, and cover their own expenses, if necessary. A delegate must be a well-established behavior analyst and have expertise in one of the areas needed in the host country, such as the history of behavior analysis, conceptual framework, basic and applied research, developmental disabilities, education, or organizational behavior management.


Delegates must be committed to continue their efforts on behalf of the host country and work toward a long-term plan that includes initiatives for post-delegation development. While traveling, delegates conduct seminars, network, give formal presentations, meet with media representatives, and engage in other activities designed to promote dissemination and the establishment of behavior analysis.


If you would like to serve as a delegate, please submit a proposal here:


I am interested in serving as a delegate.


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