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31st Annual Convention; Chicago, IL; 2005

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Symposium #412
Battling Procrastination: Self-Managing Studying and Writing For Candidacy Exams
Tuesday, May 31, 2005
9:00 AM–10:20 AM
Private Dining Room 2 (3rd floor)
Area: EDC; Domain: Service Delivery
Chair: Terri Hessler (The Ohio State University)
Discussant: William L. Heward (The Ohio State University)
Abstract: Six Ph.D. students, most characteristically last minute "chunkwriters" and intimidated by the prospect of a summer studying and writing for their candidacy exams, developed self-management plans for their writing and/or studying behaviors. All students consider their plans to have been successful because they are all now Ph.D. candidates having passed their exams. The students will share graphs of their studying and/or writing behaviors and details of their self-management plans in an effort to encourage self-management as a strategy for those facing their candidacy exams or any "high-stakes" paper. Symposium participants will also share their “top ten list” for successful candidacy exam preparation.
Losing the Criteria Battle but Winning the Graphing War
SUMMER FERRERI (The Ohio State University), Terri Hessler (The Ohio State University)
Abstract: Two doctoral students developed and implemented a self-management plans for their candidacy exam preparation, including writing candidacy papers. The primary components of the plans were contingency-based reinforcement and graphing of studying and writing behavior. Although both students failed to reach self-imposed criteria regularly, they found graphing to be a reinforcing activity and so feel their plans were successful despite “less than perfect” data.
Balancing Scholarly Commitments And Still Taking That Much Needed Vacation!
NATALIE ALLEN-WILLIAMS (The Ohio State University), Michele M. Nobel (The Ohio State University)
Abstract: Two doctoral students shared reinforcers and helped keep each other honest while self-delivering consequences. Shared reinforcers consist of earning workout time, eating lunches together twice a week, and taking a vacation to Utah in August. Presenters will share their contingency plans and graphs of their scholarly behaviors. Advantages of sharing reinforcers and providing support for self-delivering consequences will be discussed.
What I Did Last Summer: Contingency-Based Self-Management Plans for Writing Candidacy Papers
SHOBANA MUSTI-RAO (The Ohio State University), Mary D. Salmon (The Ohio State University)
Abstract: Two doctoral students set a time-based contingency to work on two comprehensive take-home papers in partial fulfillment of the requirements for their candidacy exams. The dependent measures included the number of hours worked per day and a cumulative graph of the number of words written. Additionally, each student set a deadline for completion of each paper. The self-management plans were very successful as both students met predetermined deadlines. Information regarding specific reinforcers and contingencies employed as well as graphs will be shared.



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