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31st Annual Convention; Chicago, IL; 2005

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Paper Session #311
Evaluating Web-Based Instruction for Adults
Monday, May 30, 2005
10:00 AM–10:50 AM
Williford B (3rd floor)
Area: EDC
Chair: Darrel R. Davis (University of South Florida)
An Experimental Analysis of the Effectiveness of Two Web-Based Instructional Programs in Teaching Complex Auditory Discrimination with Classical Music
Domain: Applied Research
GUDMUNDUR T. HEIMISSON (University of South Florida), Darrel E. Bostow (University of South Florida), Michael A. Cohen (University of South Florida), Darrel R. Davis (University of South Florida)
Abstract: Posttest performances after two forms of Web-based tutorial instruction were compared. Both forms were designed to teach discrimination between different types of music (medieval/renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic, and modern). The first treatment condition was a web page with text and accompanying hyperlinks to musical selections matched to the text. In this condition, students read and listened at their own discretion — without program restrictions. The second treatment had exactly the same text and musical selections, but the web-based program showed only a few paragraphs at a time. Progress through the program was contingent on filling in missing words in the text presented. No time constraints were placed on participants. The essential difference between the conditions was 1) movement with the instruction content without restriction, and 2) advancement through the program being dependent upon correct responses to the text material (which included discriminative responding to accompanying musical examples). Implications of the study and suggestions for future research will be discussed.
Experimental Evaluation of Incremental Prompting as a Feature of Web-Delivered Programmed Instruction
Domain: Applied Research
DARREL R. DAVIS (University of South Florida), Darrel E. Bostow (University of South Florida), Gudmundur T. Heimisson (University of South Florida)
Abstract: An extensive tutorial was created about an operant analysis of the relevance of feelings in daily living. Dependent variables were various student outcomes such as posttest performance, self-report, time to complete the tutorials, and scored essays. The study compared the presentation of 1) standard prose, 2) the same prose delivered in PI format with the necessity of supplying missing words—but allowing only one try per frame, 3) PI with contingent gradually increasing prompting following wrong answers in each frame until the student answered correctly or the correct answer was presented. Data will be discussed with respect to the questions of 1) whether error-contingent prompting facilitates post-tutorial performance, and 2) whether any effects were observed in user performance that resulted from decreasing the contribution of each correct answer to a “running tutorial percent correct score.”



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