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31st Annual Convention; Chicago, IL; 2005

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Paper Session #219
Behavioral Research and Training Enhanced by Digital Media
Sunday, May 29, 2005
2:30 PM–3:20 PM
Continental B (1st floor)
Area: AUT
Chair: Jack Scott (Florida Atlantic University)
Rate of Presentation and Listening Comprehension for Children with Autism and for Typically Developing Children
Domain: Applied Research
JACK SCOTT (Florida Atlantic University), Debra A. Leach (Florida Atlantic University), Vanessa Garcia (Florida Atlantic University)
Abstract: This study examined the reading rate at which listening comprehension is optimal for students with autism and for children who are typically developing. It can be difficult for teachers to accurately assess the listening comprehension skills of children with autism and to then adjust the presentation of materials so as to optimize comprehension. In behavioral teaching, fluency is commonly emphasized for skill strengthening. Here we considered that higher rate presentation would be associated with higher comprehension. We conducted a parametric study of listening comprehension using presentation rates of 70, 110, 150, and 190 words per minute. Children with autism listened to a passage and then answered standard comprehension questions on what they had just heard. Twenty-five typically developing children served as a contrast group. Comprehension rates for each child in the study as well as the autistic and typical groups are presented. Implications for adjusting the rate of presentation for both children with autism and typical children are discussed. In addition, we offer specific techniques for using computer recorded compact audio disks to provide materials paced at optimal rates for any child experiencing reading problems.
Recipe for Success: The Application of Principles of Behavior Analysis in Parent Management Training
Domain: Applied Research
MARK CLAYTON (Autism Association of New South Wales)
Abstract: Recipe for Success is an intensive Parent Management Training program developed to assist parents/carers better understand their role and influence in the management of challenging behavior. This paper overviews the program's development and content and outlines the model of service delivery. It will also present selected digital video material from the participants perspective focussing upon how their behavior has changed as a result of the training.Parent Management Training draws substantial influence from both ABA and Social Learning Theory. The training allows for simple measurement through a single subject design to assess changes in both parent and child behaviour during the tenure of the program. Variables such as types of behaviours, duration of behaviours, number of people involved in behavioural outbursts (coercive cycle), types and levels of strategies used, whether or not behaviour changes and for how long are measured and reported on. ABA principles include R+ and R-, extinction, shaping and prompting, rules based teaching, and self-management strategies.



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