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31st Annual Convention; Chicago, IL; 2005

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Symposium #80
What Are We Doing to Our Reinforcers?
Saturday, May 28, 2005
4:00 PM–5:20 PM
Williford B (3rd floor)
Area: EDC; Domain: Applied Research
Chair: Katherine A. Johnson (Advances Learning Center)
Discussant: Melanie Shaw (IvyMount)
Abstract: Much research in applied behavior analysis is concerned with using reinforcers to change behavior. Little has been done to look at how our use of reinforcers affects the potency of the reinforcers themselves. The studies presented in this symposium will explore the effect of contingency and response effort on the future effectiveness of the reinforcers used in intervention.
Conditioning Reinforcers: Contingent Versus Non-contingent Pairing of Reinforcers with Toys
KATRINA A. FALLON (Advances Learning Center), Katherine A. Johnson (Advances Learning Center), Elizabeth Paige Adams (Advances Learning Center)
Abstract: Pairing a neutral stimulus with a existing reinforcer has been used in the past to condition a neutral stimulus as a reinforcer. This study examines two pairing procedures (contingent and non-contingent pairing) to determine which procedure is most effective and efficient.
Effects of the Premack Principle on Reinforcer Potency
ELIZABETH PAIGE ADAMS (Advances Learning Center), Katherine A. Johnson (Advances Learning Center), Katrina A. Fallon (Advances Learning Center)
Abstract: The Premack Principle, widely used in behavior analytic settings, involves two elements: the high-frequency behavior and the low-frequency behavior. Reseach has shown the efficacy of using this tactic to increase instances of low-frequency behavior. This study explores the effects of the intervention itself on the high-frequency behavior (the reinforcer).
Effect of Different Levels of Response Effort on Reinforcer Potency
KATHERINE A. JOHNSON (Advances Learning Center), Katrina A. Fallon (Advances Learning Center), Elizabeth Paige Adams (Advances Learning Center)
Abstract: Is higher response effort an establishing operation? Conventional wisdom says that the harder one works for an item the more that item is valued. This study examines differing levels response effort and the effects that variable has on reinforcer potency.



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