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Fourth International Conference; Australia, 2007

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Paper Session #32
International Paper Session - Conceptual Issues in Behavior Analysis II
Monday, August 13, 2007
3:00 PM–4:20 PM
L2 Room 3
Area: TPC
Chair: Per Holth (Akershus University College)
“The Creative Porpoise” Revisited.
Domain: Theory
PER HOLTH (Akershus University College)
Abstract: "The Creative Porpoise" study by Pryor, Haag, and O'Reilly from 1969 has been repeatedly referred to in the behavior-analytic literature as a demonstration of how “novelty” can be directly reinforced by making reinforcement contingent upon it. However, the purpose of the present paper is to show that a direct scrutiny of the original 1969 report leaves such a conclusion questionable.
Everything You Know About Behavior Analysis Is Wrong.
Domain: Theory
RICHARD W. MALOTT (Western Michigan University)
Abstract: 1. You can’t reinforce or punish organisms. 2. You don’t express things. 3. Penalties aren’t extinction. 4. You don’t extinguish escape behavior by turning off the shock. 5. The shock in an escape contingency isn’t an SD. 6. The cue in cued avoidance isn’t an SD. 7. You don’t extinguish avoidance behavior by turning off the shock or buzzer. 8. Traditional differential reinforcement doesn’t shape behavior in the natural environment. 9. Sr =/= CS. 10. Not all contingencies have SDs. 11. The operandum isn’t the SD. 12. You can’t differentially reinforce other behavior (DRO). 13. Schedules of reinforcement suck. 14. Gambling has nothing to do with VR schedules. 15. Applied behavior analysts do DRL wrong. 16. Respondent conditioning is just operant conditioning in drag. 17. Paychecks don’t reinforce working. 18. Procrastination has nothing to do with failure to delay gratification. 19. Without religion, we atheists would flush the world down the toilet. 20. Stimulus generalization is usually irrelevant to transfer of training and maintenance. But, these are just my humble opinions; and I might be wrong, though probably not. (For more info, go to
Refinements of Basic Concepts in Behavior Analysis.
Domain: Theory
MASAYA SATO (Teikyo University, Japan)
Abstract: There are several definitions of basic concepts in behavior analysis, and they not always agree. In this paper, the author tries to clarify basic concepts, such as operant and discriminative stimulus, and to make the framework of behavior analysis more useful.
A Behavior Analysis of Human Sexuality: Nature vs. Nurture.
Domain: Theory
RICHARD W. MALOTT (Western Michigan University)
Abstract: I will do a behavior analysis of sexuality in terms of behavior, reinforcers, and sources of reinforcers. Traditionally, people paint with a brush too broad (e.g., the following concepts are too broad: heterosexual, gay, lesbian, transsexual, bisexual). Let us use a brush molecular. Let us analyze in terms of sex-style behavior, sexually reinforced behavior, sexual values (i.e., reinforcers & aversive conditions), and source of reinforcers. Then we will look at the role of learning and inheritance of these aspects of sexuality. We will conclude that most depends on the contingencies. Little depends on whether you’re male or female or uncertain. This will be a multi-media PowerPoint presentation, complete with great pirated art music.



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