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Fourth International Conference; Australia, 2007

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Paper Session #71
International Paper Session - Organisational Behaviour Management and Behavioural Safety
Tuesday, August 14, 2007
1:00 PM–1:50 PM
L2 Room 3
Area: OBM
Chair: Kerry Walker (University of Newcastle)
Training and Motivating Staff in Behavioural Treatment Programs.
Domain: Applied Behavior Analysis
LUCIUS ARCO (Praxis Research)
Abstract: Training programs for staff required to implement behavioural treatments for clients with developmental or psychiatric disorders remain contentious. Training may still be viewed as costly, of limited effect on staff performance, or even unnecessary for client development. This paper reviewed over 30 behavioural studies, since the 1970s and including the presenter's own recent research, that reported post-training observations of maintenance or generalization. Results of studies were analyzed in relation to various training components including goals, group instruction, on-the-job feedback, and acceptability. Specific staff training components are recommended for optimal outcomes, and directions for future research are proposed.
Improving Organizational Safety and Performance in a Large Steel Manufacturer.
Domain: Applied Behavior Analysis
KERRY WALKER (University of Newcastle), Elizabeth Jean Nicol (University of Newcastle)
Abstract: A behavioural approach to improving safety and leadership, called Precision Leadership, was applied in a large steel manufacturing company in Australia. This large scale project was ongoing at the time of this writing; therefore the presentation will describe this work-in-progress. The project implementation and general behaviour-analytic approaches used will be described in the presentation, including a background of the company's needs and our solutions designed to address these needs. Some measures of productivity will be described and illustrated through use of a case study showing the application of the behavioural principles and their impact on business functioning.
OBM Consulting Partnership between SafetyWorks (Australian) and Aubrey Daniels International (USA): Issues and Opportunities.
Domain: Applied Behavior Analysis
ALICE DARNELL LATTAL (Aubrey Daniels International)
Abstract: SafetyWorks, with its partner, Aubrey Daniels International, combine the expertise of two OBM firms to extend their reach in far distant parts of the world, working with differences of culture and consulting methodology to provide an effective blended approach. This paper will address key issue in setting up a common approach and what some of the key learnings are in transferring technology while sustaining immediate demands of both companies in their independent practices and approach. The content will emphasize what worked well for the clients and the consulting entities, and lessons learned for the future.



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