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Fourth International Conference; Australia, 2007

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Paper Session #10
International Paper Session - Behavioural Services in Indonesia and China
Monday, August 13, 2007
10:30 AM–11:20 AM
L2 Room 4
Area: AUT
Chair: Jura Tender (Intervention Services for Autism and Developmental Delay)
Bringing ABA to Indonesia via DVD and Evaluating Its Effect.
Domain: Applied Behavior Analysis
JURA TENDER (Intervention Services for Autism and Developmental Delay), Gayatri Pamoedji (MPATI, Indonesia)
Abstract: Autism awareness is growing in Indonesia's large population, yet services are scarce, and most are based on "snake oil" - some local, much, unfortunately, Western. Indonesia is recovering from natural and man-made disasters and endemic poverty. Public funding on education is below 2% of GDP, leaving little for special needs, other than good will. MPATI, a charity, with professional input from YISADDI, an ABA provider, has produced a 90-minute video, "Early Intervention 1: Practical Guide to Behaviour Therapy", targetting parents, teachers and care-givers. This is the first of a series of 6. The first 2000 copies have been distributed throughout the archipelago with the support of the Ministries of Health and Education. This paper will report on evaluation. Two focus group interviews were followed by a questionnaire targetting perceived effectiveness using both rating and ranking, and probing for techniques actually implememted, with specific emphasis on reinforcement and picture communication. The questionnaire is being followed up with interviews. The data, when analysed, will guide the production of the next video. Discussion will also cover the need to demystify and popularise ABA techniques, and look to making them parent friendly.
Partnering with Foster Home Caregivers in China to Provide Positive Behavior Support to Autistic-Like Orphans.
Domain: Applied Behavior Analysis
TERRE HRADNANSKY (University of Phoenix)
Abstract: Autistic-like children frequently display behaviors that interfere with their acquisition of social, self-help, language and academic skills. Parents and caregivers unfamiliar with autism become easily frustrated and/or discouraged when working with autistic-like children. The speaker has traveled to China for the past four years to partner with a Foster Home that cares for disabled children. Follow-up contacts between visits are made via email and phone calls. The caregivers frequently come to the foster home without prior experience working with children, much less disabled children. The majority of the children in the home are physically disabled, but a few of the children display autistic-like behaviors. The speaker will describe and discuss how short, hands-on training sessions in Positive Behavior Intervention techniques has improved the caregivers’ ability to work with all the disabled children in the foster home in general, but has been especially effective in teaching the children with autistic-like behaviors specific social and self-help skills. The behavior assessment techniques and positive behavior plans generated will be discussed.



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