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32nd Annual Convention; Atlanta, GA; 2006

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Symposium #190
Taking it to the Bank: Integrating Behavioral Principles at M&T Bank
Sunday, May 28, 2006
2:00 PM–3:20 PM
Area: OBM; Domain: Service Delivery
Chair: Judy L. Agnew (Aubrey Daniels International)
Discussant: Aubrey C. Daniels (Aubrey Daniels International)
Abstract: This symposium will cover the implementation of OBM at a large bank. A history of the client and the client's needs will be presented as well as a description of the work done in the area of behavior analysis. The effectiveness of the intervention will be discussed. In addition, methods used to ensure maintenance of behavioral skills and knowledge will be outlined. The final paper will be presented by a representative of the bank and will outline the history and effectiveness of the intervention from the bank's perspective.
Partnering with M&T Bank: The history of a successful intervention.
JUDY L. AGNEW (Aubrey Daniels International)
Abstract: Aubrey Daniels International began working with M&T Bank in 2002. While the proposed work included coaching of leaders in addition to training in behavioral principles, the leadership chose training only. After two years of training only, the retail arm of M&T decided to engage ADI in coaching of its leaders. This paper will outline the history of the work done with M&T Bank. A brief client history and presenting issues will be discussed. Next, implementation tools and strategies will be outlined. Training, coaching, leadership surveys, partnering with internal consultants and trainers will all be discussed. This paper is designed to set the stage for the remaining papers in this symposium.
Dissemination and Integration of Behavioral Principles to Achieve Lasting Results.
KEN WAGNER (Aubrey Daniels International)
Abstract: Ultimately, a Behavior Analytic intervention is judged by it’s maintenance over time. Successful outcomes should not be defined by improvements in short term metrics, but rather by the organization’s ability to build the principles of the science of behavior into its leadership strategies and work processes. Given the speed and complexity of business today, improvements realized by the integration of behavioral technology must be sustained by the organization’s natural leadership structure. This paper will describe a systematic effort to build the Behavior Analytic skills of executive level leaders, to improve the methodology used to develop the coaching skills of mid-level managers, and to facilitate the dissemination of the principles of Behavioral Science throughout the organization. Impact on key business metrics, successful case studies, and lessons learned will be discussed.
Installing Behavior Principles into Retail Banking Leadership.
Abstract: The financial services and banking industries are renowned for balance sheet precision. Yet, when considering sales leadership and performance management, precision is often sporadic at best. Leaders focus almost exclusively on results, with little thought to behaviors or their consequences. This paper will present one banks’ journey into Performance Management, working with Aubrey Daniels International. It will follow a retail sale organization as it defines metrics and critical behaviors that lead to organizational success. It will also follow bankers as they move from the training center to the sales center to execute clear behaviors and receive reinforcement through the use of Behavior Action Plans and observational coaching. The paper will describe the intervention from the client’s perspective. Obstacles to implementation will be discussed, in addition to areas of success.



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