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32nd Annual Convention; Atlanta, GA; 2006

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Symposium #454
New Advancements in Digital Video Based Behavioral Observation Systems
Tuesday, May 30, 2006
10:30 AM–11:50 AM
Area: EAB; Domain: Basic Research
Chair: Jon Tapp (Vanderbilt Kennedy Center)
Abstract: Desktop video has now become a very flexible and useful tool for scientists and behavior analysts. The ProcoderDV system for coding video that was developed at Vanderbilt University will be described and three discussants from different universities who have used this system to gather data will describe their use of the system. Emphasis will be placed on the ability of this type of video coding to save time, gather better more accurate data, and to examine behavior in a way that was not previously possible or practical to do at a reasonable cost.
Description of Development of the ProcoderDV Software.
JON TAPP (Vanderbilt Kennedy Center)
Abstract: This software was developed at Vanderbilt for use in observation of behavior from humans or animals that have been video taped. The development of the software will be discussed and its different uses and options will be highlighted.
Child Engagement Coding Using Digital Video.
NICOLETTE BAINBRIDGE (Vanderbilt University)
Abstract: Use of digital video in a study that describes the strategies that parents use to facilitate object engagement in young children with autism. The process of coding and defining establishment of a coding system will be discussed. Results of a sequential analysis based on the data collected will be highlighted.
Use of Digital Video to Code Social and Communicative Behavior During Family Interactions.
CHRISTOPHER JONES (University of Washington)
Abstract: This technology allows for the behavioral coding of social and communicative interactions between family members across several dimensions. The use of the technology will be discussed and the process of developing specific codes and descriptors targeted toward the study goals will be described. The process of then exporting these coded data into usable analytic forms (for calculating conditional probabilities and conducting sequential analysis) will then be described.
Using Digital Video to Analyze Outcomes of the Social Interactions of Children with Autism.
ELIZABETH L.W. MCKENNEY (University of Florida), Jennifer A. Sellers (University of Florida), Glenn M. Sloman (University of Florida), Maureen Conroy (University of Florida)
Abstract: The presentation will discuss the use of ProcoderDV, a digital video data observation and analysis program, to identify and analyze the outcomes of social interactions among children with autism and their peers. Specifically, strategies for developing a coding system and coding the data using ProcoderDV will be described. In addition, an overview of the current social interaction coding system will be presented, including definitions and codes that measure sequential social interaction behaviors, such as initiation and response sequences. Finally, strategies for analyzing the data collected through ProcoderDV will be illustrated.



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