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32nd Annual Convention; Atlanta, GA; 2006

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Panel #148
New Racism and Related Issues: What We Know and What We Should Find Out
Sunday, May 28, 2006
10:30 AM–11:50 AM
Area: TPC/CSE; Domain: Theory
Chair: James M. Kauffman (University of Virginia)
RALPH GARDNER III (The Ohio State University)
MAUREEN CONROY (University of Florida)
DONALD OSWALD (Medical College of Virginia)
JAMES M. KAUFFMAN (University of Virginia)
Abstract: The relationship of group membership to applied behavior analysis will be explored. The session will begin with introductory comments, including a summary of issues regarding group membership and ABA. Groups to be considered will include those defined by gender, color/ethnicity/ancestral origins, and religion, although other groups could be defined. Panel members will consider the full spectrum of possible differences in ABA (e.g., reinforcement histories, choice of procedures, basic behavior principles and operations) along one dimension of group membership (e.g., gender, ethnicity) and (a) summarize findings to date from ABA studies that find or do not find group differences and (b) propose research strategies for finding out how group membership affects ABA. Following introductory comments and three panel presentations, audience questions and comments will be encouraged.



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