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32nd Annual Convention; Atlanta, GA; 2006

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Symposium #41
Performance Catalyst® across Multiple Industries
Saturday, May 27, 2006
2:00 PM–3:20 PM
Area: OBM; Domain: Service Delivery
Chair: Ned Morse (Continuous Learning Group)
Discussant: Ned Morse (Continuous Learning Group)
Abstract: Performance Catalyst® has become CLG's flagship offer to clients of multiple industries. Based on CLG's 14 years of experience working with a variety of industries and business issues, Performance Catalyst has become a core methodology for aligning key stakeholders towards optimizing bottom line results. Presented will be three examples of how Performance Catalyst was implemented to meet the client's business needs towards achieving bottom line results, and key learning’s for the OBM community.
Safety and Reliability in Your Pocket.
KELLY L. THERRIEN (Continuous Learning Group), Galen Reese (Continuous Learning Group)
Abstract: When a merger of major oil companies combined two competing, neighboring refineries in the Far East, the new management teamwas tasked with realizing $200 million in “synergy savings” within a few years. CLG was called in to help the company to reach its goal. The company was able to increase safe behavior and maintenance of machinery by employees Sustaining Zero Incidents over time. This project employed personal scorecards with a pocket tracker for employees to carry with them. The focus was to improve operation performance on five Critical Success Factors (CSFs): Safety, Reliability, People, Expense Reduction, and Gross Margin. The methodology and results will be introduced.
A Systematic Approach to Improving Call Center Results.
MANUEL A. RODRIGUEZ (Continuous Learning Group), Brian L. Cole (Continuous Learning Group)
Abstract: In 2002, the service operations of a fortune 100 company in the healthcare insurance field faced what they called a “Perfect Storm” of challenges that resulted in a mounting backlog in claims processing triggering overwhelming call volumes in the service call centers. Morale suffered and turnover increased. A new VP of Service Operations was appointed and faced this conundrum. He was instructed to make Service Ops a clear competitive strength for the organization. The presentation will explore how, using CLG’s Performance Catalyst® methodology combined with the client’s Customer Centric Service Model, resulted in identifying critical path behaviors essential to the sysmatic deployment across the service operations. Results across multiple sites within the service operations will be introduced.
Cultural Change, Behavior Change, and Results Change: What more can you ask for?
TRAVIS G. MCNEAL (Continuous Learning Group), Judith A. Johnson (Continuous Learning Group)
Abstract: Generalization and sustainability are two major aspects of influence the field of behavior analysis has on the world. In OBM, our interventions secure and enable leaders of organizations to have the tools needed to maintain and sustain results through behavior change and other forms of change (i.e., process improvement). The aspect of generalization has implications for organizations to utilizing OBM methodology towards advancing strategic initiatives and key business opportunities to the next level. One of CLG’s clients has been utilizing CLG’s Performance Catalyst® Methodology in 3 regions across Canada and the United States. All 3 regions have had change efforts across the organizations culture, performance, and leadership prior to and during CLG’s involvement. The findings of CLG’s involvement include not just behavioral and results changes, but cultural changes as well.



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