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Fourth International Conference; Australia, 2007

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Paper Session #77
International Paper Session - Behavioral Interventions for Autism
Tuesday, August 14, 2007
1:00 PM–1:50 PM
L2 Room 5
Area: AUT
Chair: S. Sunay Yildirim-Dogru (Selcuk Universitesi)
The Effectiveness of Using Direct Instruction Method for Teaching the Ability of Riding Balance Wheeled Bicycle to the Autistic Children.
Domain: Applied Behavior Analysis
S. SUNAY YILDIRIM-DOGRU (Selcuk Universitesi), Ozgul Yucalan (Selcuk Universitesi), Hafiz Bek (Selcuk Universitesi)
Abstract: The aim of this research is examining tge effectiveness of using direct instruction method for teaching of balance wheeled bicycle riding ability to the autistic children. In order to research this aim a teaching method composing of acticites increasing attention control and psycho-motor abilities was used. 3 male autistic children (between the age of 5-10) lacking the ability of riding balance wheeled bicycle had been chosen as subjects. In this research, direct instruction method was used in order to teach the ability of controlled environment. The researchers though that when children learned riding of balance wheeled bicycle, this would contribute to their attention improvement, body balance control and muscle development. At the end of the study, the data such as generalization, observation, application and reliability of observers were gathered. The results of the study all of the autistic children were learned of balance wheeled bicycle riding ability.
The Effect of Parents' Cooperated Toilet Training of Autistic Children on the Anxiety Level of Parents.
Domain: Applied Behavior Analysis
OZGUL YUCALAN (Selcuk Universitesi), S. Sunay Yildirim-Dogru (Selcuk Universitesi)
Abstract: In this study, firstly, a parents cooperated toilet training has been applied to a autistic child and then the level of anxiety on the parents has been examined. The father and the mother of an autistic six year old boy, having some problems with toilet training such as not going to the toilet independently, have contributed to this study. Before the study, 'Spielberger's Permanent Anxiety Inventory' has been used in order to measure the level of anxiety of the parents. Later, a toilet training has been applied to the child by using traditional methods. The details and the application of the toilet training programme at home have been told the parents. After four weeks, the child has gained the ability of going into the toilet independently. After completing the study, the Spielberg's Permanent Anxiety Inventory has been applied to the parents again and the change on the anxiety level of the parents has been measured. According to the results and findings of the study, if the parents of the children are included in the training programme and be part of the training programme of their children , this attitude may lessen the anxiety level of them.



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