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33rd Annual Convention; San Diego, CA; 2007

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Symposium #427
International Symposium - OBM Success & Failure: Business and Project Case Studies
Monday, May 28, 2007
3:00 PM–4:20 PM
Emma AB
Area: OBM; Domain: Applied Research
Chair: Howard John Lees (None)
Discussant: Timothy D. Ludwig (Appalachian State University)
Abstract: Three papers will describe results of OBM coaching and training experienced by staff improving business and Project performance in the UK over the last three years. Data will be available showing how differences in the design of the delivery strategy of an intervention impacts on its failure and success. The main areas the papers will discuss are:- OBM Coaching & training courses, precision teaching, use of RF wireless cards to gain live feedback, top down or organic growth of OBM knowledge, reading lists, training trainers, tie ups with Six Sigma methods, balanced scorecards & results. There will be opportunity for discussion on the data used and findings of the papers.
Combining Behaviour and Work Process Technology: Results.
BRUCE FAULKNER (3 Simple Rules Ltd.)
Abstract: United Utilities have been utilising OBM methods for 4 years now, some 500 staff have been trained in behaviour tools and large savings have been gained using behaivour analysis within project teams. Over the last year this has been coupled with a work process course, the output of which is used to analyse large amounts of data, the combination of behaviour & work process methods has sped up the process of change, in some cases dramatically.
OBM Roll Out in Brighton.
COLIN MERRICK (United Utilities)
Abstract: The strategy of successfully delivering a £650m construction programme based in Brighton, centred on rolling out OBM knowledge to project teams and staff within the Client organisation and the Supply Chain. The first year of the programme was completed with all critical success factors being in place including the rolling out of the training. In year two the organisation had to be robust enough to handle a three fold increase in spend and workforce. This paper covers year one successes and problems encountered in year two.
Changes to Teaching and Coaching Methods.
Abstract: A small cadre of OBM coaches and trainers have been operating in the UK for some 6 years now under the name of the BMT federation. This paper will describe the changes made to the training materials & methods from the vast number of lessons learned & data which has been collected. This paper will discuss the use of RF wireless cards for carrying out live surveys of students over the 4 month training period & will show changes in opinion over time. The courses utilise a web based extanet for course feedback, case study homework and book reviews, details of this and the savings log tool will be shown at this paper.



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