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35th Annual Convention; Phoenix, AZ; 2009

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Workshop #W64
CE Offered: PSY/BACB
Generalizing Across Species: I am a BCBA/Behaviorist! How Do I Apply My Skills to Animals?
Friday, May 22, 2009
6:00 PM–9:00 PM
North 122 BC
Domain: Applied Behavior Analysis
CE Instructor: Thomas Zane, Ph.D.
TERRI M. BRIGHT (Simmons College/MSPCA)
Description: Behavioral professionals are not exempt from the general population when it comes to having animals with unwanted behaviors in their homes and in their communities, yet research shows the same techniques can be used across species. In this workshop, BCBA’s and/or behavior professionals and students will learn to apply the skills they already possess to assess and analyze problem animal behavior. Preference Assessments? Motivation Assessment Scale? Motivating Operations? Ethics? We will review familiar assessment tools you use every day, and generalize their appropriate use to animal behavior. We will also identify when a functional analysis is appropriate and when antecedent manipulation might be preferred. We will guide you to useful ethological (the study of animals in groups in their natural environments)literature and reading material, will help you to identify animal-training language that is rife with mentalistic lingo, and will examine identifying M.O.’s and touch upon ethics as applied from the BACB task list. Whether you are considering adding animals to your behavioral shingle, want to generalize your knowledge as a student, behaviorist, or behavior analyst, or you merely want to be able to change the behavior of animals you know, using techniques you know, this workshop is for you.
Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of this workshop, attendees will be able to: - translate assessments they commonly use with people into use with animals - Identify common mistakes made with animal training and how to avoid them - Identify three-term contingencies in applied animal behavior, construct differential reinforcement plans and schedules, and identify when antecedent manipulations may be most appropriate - Identify and refer to empirically-based literature to support their intervention plans for animals - Demonstrate knowledge of the risks and benefits of working with animals
Activities: Activities Using real applied animal case histories, attendees will: - identify A-B-C data - identify MO’s - create assessments and analyses - create appropriate interventions - separate mentalistic language and text from needed ethological facts
Audience: Audience This workshop is designed for students, behavior professionals, BCABA’s and BCBA’s who work primarily with humans and who want to be able to generalize their knowledge of ABA to animals, whether for personal or professional reasons,
Content Area: Methodology
Instruction Level: Basic



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