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35th Annual Convention; Phoenix, AZ; 2009

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Panel #81
CE Offered: BACB
Behavioral Contributions to Genetic Expression and Back: "The Bigger Picture From Infancy to Evolution"
Saturday, May 23, 2009
3:30 PM–4:50 PM
North 132 BC
Area: DEV/TPC; Domain: Theory
CE Instructor: Barbara Metzger, Ph.D.
Chair: Martha Pelaez (Florida International University)
DAVID S. MOORE (Pitzer College, The Claremont Colleges)
HANK SCHLINGER (California State University, Los Angeles)
MARTHA PELAEZ (Florida International University)
HAYNE W. REESE (West Virginia University)
Abstract: In an invited symposium, Andronis, Schneider, and invited speakers David Moore and Celia Moore will be discussing the current status of nature-nurture relations and their relevance to behavior analysis and human development. The panelists H. Schlinger, D. Moore, M. Pelaez, and H. Reese will examine and question the case for the priority of final causes (presaging Darwin's selection by consequences). Is this an adequate resolution for the nature/nurture question? This implies the abandonment of overarching statements about causes of behavior and a focus on the particulars. Are epigenetic characteristics genuinely inheritable (i.e., passed from generation to generation, from parent to child)? To what extent can behaviors produced in one generation influence genetic activity in subsequent generations? We know that genes and behavior can influence each other bidirectionally; how often do behavior analysts really need to take genes into account? Do sex differences provide an adequate opportunity to examine the processes that lead to divergent endpoints?



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