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35th Annual Convention; Phoenix, AZ; 2009

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Workshop #W10
CE Offered: PSY/BACB
Analyzing Autism Interventions: Critiques of Popular Autism Intervention and Combination that Work
Friday, May 22, 2009
10:00 AM–5:00 PM
North 124 A
Area: AUT/DDA; Domain: Applied Behavior Analysis
CE Instructor: Mary L. Barbera, MSN
TERESA A. GRIMES (Whole Child Consulting, LLC), Steven J. Ward (Whole Child Consulting), Cindy Cooper (private practice)
Description: Whole Child Consulting, LLC is a private company with clients across the United States. The presenters have expereince with adults and children with autism. The presenters will describe both critical and variable attributes of various instructional paradigms,including VB, PT, Association Method, Rapid Prompt and RDI. Components of each paradigm are matched with appropriate learner profiles. Components of various programs will be compared for compatibility or incompatibility. Practicial recommendations will be provided for deciding when to favor one component over another.
Learning Objectives: 1. Clearly define at least 3 components of 6 different instructional paradigms. 2. Assisst learner repertiores in a manner that facilitates selection of appropriate paradigm components. 3. Emplay ot least 3 different data collection methods. 4. Make programmatic recommendations matcing learner strengths and weaknesses with appropriate paradigm components. 5. Provide a conceptually systematic rationale for assigning program components.
Activities: Flash card activities to associate intervention names with the critical variables of each program. Participants will have opportunities to practice a variety of data collection methods throughout the workshop. Helpful websites will be provided. Guided notes will be provided for developing programming based upon individual needs. (case study)
Audience: Professionals and parents with advanced experience in the instruction of individuals with autism, who want clear, unbiased information regarding the treatment benefits and pitfalls of various autism interventions. The presenters have direct experience in the area of Precision Teaching, Verbal Behavior, Greenspan, Association Method, Rapid Prompt, and various NET applications.
Content Area: Practice
Instruction Level: Basic



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