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36th Annual Convention; San Antonio, TX; 2010

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Symposium #179
Behavior Analysis in the Clinical Setting
Sunday, May 30, 2010
10:30 AM–11:50 AM
Crockett A/B (Grand Hyatt)
Area: CBM/CSE; Domain: Service Delivery
Chair: Richard Weissman (Behavior Analysis and Therapy Partners)
Abstract: Behavior Analysis & Therapy Partners services people with a variety of clinical problems in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. This symposium presents on manualized behavioral based treatments for these populations. In addition, this symposium looks at measuring change in the natural clinical setting. The presenters are several supervisors from BATP, each speaking about their respective areas of interest.
Setting Up the Community Reinforcement Approach in an Outpatient Client for Addiction
NICOLE WILLCOX (Behavior Analysis and Therapy Partners), Vincent J. Thoder (Behavior Analysis and Therapy Partners), Joseph D. Cautilli (Behavior Analysis and Therapy Partners)
Abstract: Community Reinforcement Approach is a behavioral approach that has considerable research and support for addictions. In the past year, we have begun to apply such an approach in our outpatient clinic at BATP. This presentation will talk about how the program is being established.
Behavioral Activation in the Treatment of Postpartum Depression in an Outpatient Clinic
ALICIA WOLF-LEWIS (Behavior Analysis and Therapy Partners), Nicole Willcox (Behavior Analysis and Therapy Partners), Joseph D. Cautilli (Behavior Analysis and Therapy Partners)
Abstract: Behavioral Activation is an evidence based behavior analytic treatment for depression which has had considerable success. Behavior Analysis and Therapy Partners is in the process of applying this intervention to postpartum mothers. This presentation will discuss the emerging clinical issues as this was established. as well as any first year data collected.
How to Use Reliable Change Scores to Measure Clinical Outcomes in a Community-Based Program for Children with Emotional Behavioral Disorders.
VINCENT J. THODER (Behavior Analysis and Therapy Partners), Richard Weissman (Behavior Analysis and Therapy Partners), Joseph D. Cautilli (Behavior Analysis and Therapy Partners)
Abstract: The reliable change index is a standardized formula to assess behavior change using behavioral assessment instruments. This program will assess 4th year outcome data for Behavior Analysis and Therapy Partners Community Based Autism Program located in Bala Cynwyd Pennsylvania. The presenter is operational director for BATP.
The Evidence-Based Standing for Operant-Based Neuro-Feedback in the Treatment of ADHD
Gary Ames (Behavior Analysis and Therapy Partners), JOSEPH D. CAUTILLI (Behavior Analysis and Therapy Partners)
Abstract: Operant-Based Neuro Feedback is efficacious and specific for the treatment of ADHD. This paper will offer a brief review of the literature as well as present a sample case.



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