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36th Annual Convention; San Antonio, TX; 2010

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Panel #445
Gaining Learner Instructional Control Without Blocking Escape, Forced Physical Prompts, or Nagging
Monday, May 31, 2010
3:00 PM–3:50 PM
203AB (CC)
Area: AUT/VRB; Domain: Applied Behavior Analysis
Chair: Robert Schramm (Institute Knospe-ABA)
BENNO BOECKH (Institute Knospe-ABA)
ALLISON KANE (Kane ABA Consulting)
SILVA VARTOOMIAN VARTOOMIAN (University of Maryland, Balitmore County)
Abstract: Whether you call it compliance training, cooperation development, or instructional control, motivated learner participation is an imperative to optimal skill acquisition. One of the main procedures used in gaining compliance in teaching is the use of escape extinction. However, true escape extinction is often difficult to obtain. Additionally, the process of using common escape extinction procedures such as blocking escape, forced physical prompting, and nagging, can be dangerous to teacher and learner as well as forbidden in some teaching settings. The ability to gain instructional control with a learner without the use of these escape extinction procedures would be a welcomed aspect in behavioral education of children with autism. This symposium would discuss 3 case studies in which Instructional control was developed with highly unwilling learners in reasonably short periods of time without blocking escape, forced physical prompts, or nagging. The methods by which this was achieved will be discussed as will the merits of further research on these methods.



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