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32nd Annual Convention; Atlanta, GA; 2006

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Workshop #W92
CE Offered: BACB
AimChart: Standard Celeration Charting on the Web at
Saturday, May 27, 2006
8:00 AM–11:00 AM
Area: PRA; Domain: Applied Research
CE Instructor: Charles T. Merbitz, Ph.D.
CHARLES T. MERBITZ (The Chicago School of Professional Psychology), BEN MERBITZ (
Description: Aimchart ( is a web based tool for Standard Celeration Charting. The basic service is free to use over the internet; advanced services provide better management and sharing of data across institutions with complex needs. Aimchart guides any user to properly drag and drop data on the screen for instant uploading to the central database and immediate display on a proper standard Chart, complete with automatic Celeration. This data is stored by Aimchart and can be shared by the user with other stakeholders such as parent, team members, administrators and referring sources. An authorized user can immediately see the newest, completely current data from anywhere in the world 24/7. Aimchart supports phases, aimstars, and extremely precise printing. You can instantly, easily stack and restack data from an unlimited number of combinations of learners, pinpoints, and times. Workshop attendees will learn and practice with Aimcharts easy-to-use tools to set-up, collect, save, and analyze data and Charts and control access for groups and individuals. Future developments will be discussed. Participants receive an Aimchart institutional account (minimum value, $100). Attendees please bring a laptop with wifi or Ethernet and Flash 7, and contact Ben Merbitz ( to discuss equipment.
Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of the workshop, the participant will be able to: 1. Set up AimChart accounts for students, clients, teachers, and schools 2. Define behaviors to count and set goals for acceleration, deceleration, both (for comfort pairs), or neither. 3. Access the site as a student or other user and enter data 4. View the same data on Daily, Weekly or Monthly Charts 5. Set and remove phase lines & celeration lines, AimStars, and notes. 6. Select combinations of Charts (across persons and pinpoints) to view as overlays 7. Set the system to center on any Sunday for both data entry and display 8. Set controls on access to the information in the AimChart database. 9. Export AimChart data to Excel. 10. List at least: - one way to maintain confidentiality - one minimum system requirement for AimChart
Activities: This workshop will be begin with a brief introduction of Standard Celeration Charting. Then participants will be guided through the use of Aimchart, including the creation of an Aimchart account; setting up groups, learners and actions; entering and editing data, markers, notes and aimstars; viewing different combinations of Charts; exporting data; and controlling access to their data. Future Aimchart developments will also be discussed, and feedback and requests will be gathered from participants for inclusion in newer versions of Aimchart. Substantial time will be spent allowing participants to practice using Aimchart and helping them with any questions they have. Workshop attendees are strongly encouraged to bring or arrange for a laptop so they can actually practice these techniques. Participant computers should have a working internet (WiFi or ethernet) connection and Macromedia Flash Player 7. (We recommend Firefox on Windows, OS X and Linux. We also support IE on Windows) A very limited number of computers will be available for rental ($25) during the workshop. Please arrange this well before the conference with Ben Merbitz (
Audience: Interested professionals may include BCBAs, academic behavior analysts, teachers, and administrators; AimChart supports data collection across agencies, consulting practices, schools, classroom, and other organization where it is desirable for key people to have 24/7 access to learning and performance data for clients and students. Parents, students, and other persons may set up AimChart accounts as individuals simply for convenient Charts, or for easier data analysis. We prefer that participants understand the basics of Precision Teaching and use of the Internet.
Content Area: Methodology
Instruction Level: Basic



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