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32nd Annual Convention; Atlanta, GA; 2006

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Workshop #W87
CE Offered: PSY/BACB
Enhancing Behavior Analytic Practices with Feminist Principles
Saturday, May 27, 2006
8:00 AM–11:00 AM
Area: TPC; Domain: Theory
CE Instructor: Maria R. Ruiz, Ph.D.
CHRISTEINE M. TERRY (University of Washington), MARIA R. RUIZ (Rollins College)
Description: Though rarely seen as compatible behavior analysis and feminist theory, broadly defined, share some interesting conceptual and practical perspectives. For example, the feminist critique of traditional psychological science in many respects parallels the behavioral critique. Feminist psychology and behavior analysis also share some important assumptions about scientific knowledge and the process of knowledge making. Feminist psychologists have tackled many interesting domains in their research, but their research methodologies have often been limiting. This workshop will explore what a merger of feminist research interests and behavior analytic practices might look like. Specifically, we will consider how feminist enhanced behavior analysis might lead to stronger pedagogical and clinical practices.
Learning Objectives: 1--participants will describe 4 points of conceptual convergence between behavior analysis and feminist psychology 2-- participants will describe 4 key points in the feminist critique of traditional psychological science 3--participants will identify 4 ways in which the teaching of behavior analysis might be enhanced by feminist practice 4--participants will identify 4 approaches to enhancing behaviorally oriented clinical practice (eg. Functional Analytic Psychotherapy) with feminist principles
Activities: Lecture material will be presented with Powerpoint --Videos --Small group activities --Experiential exercises
Audience: Introductory level
Content Area: Practice
Instruction Level: Basic



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