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32nd Annual Convention; Atlanta, GA; 2006

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Symposium #368
CE Offered: BACB
An Analysis of Stimulus-Stimulus Pairing Procedures for Increasing Language in Children with Autism
Monday, May 29, 2006
3:00 PM–4:20 PM
Chicago A-F
Area: AUT; Domain: Applied Research
Chair: Laura Lee McIntyre (Syracuse University)
Discussant: Meredith S. Needelman (AMAC)
CE Instructor: Laura Lee McIntyre, Ph.D.

Stimulus-stimulus pairing has been suggested as a means by which children learn language, and therefore a means by which children with lagging language skills may be taught to communicate. Studies presented will address the effectiveness of stimulus-stimulus pairing procedures with augmentative communication, manding procedures, and comparisons of stimulus-stimulus pairing with contingent reinforcement procedures.

Stimulus-stimulus Pairing Used with Augmentative Communication for Students with Autism.
BOBBY NEWMAN (Room to Grow), Rocio E. Chavez (AMAC), Laura Lee McIntyre (Syracuse University), Debora Harris (ELIJA Foundation), Nicole Dibra (ELIJA Foundation)
Abstract: Stimulus-stimulus pairing procedures have been described as a means of teaching language to children with autism. The literature has focused exclusively on spoken responses, however. In this paper, the use of stimulus-stimulus pairing will be examined with an augmentative communication system.
Stimulus-stimulus Pairing used to Teach Manding in Students with Autism.
ROCIO E. CHAVEZ (AMAC), Tammy Hammond Natof (EPIC), Laura Lee McIntyre (Syracuse University), Bobby Newman (Room to Grow)
Abstract: Stimulus-stimulus pairing procedures have been described as a means of increasing language. Several published studies, however, have focused on phonemic responses that had no meaning to a listener. The current study will examine such a procedure applied to manding in students with autism.
Stimulus-stimulus Pairing Versus Direct Reinforcement for Increasing Language in Students with Autism.
LAURA LEE MCINTYRE (Syracuse University), Bobby Newman (Room to Grow), Rocio E. Chavez (AMAC)
Abstract: Stimulus-stimulus pairing procedures have been recommended as a means of increasing language. There is no direct reinforcement of a spoken response within such procedures, however. The stimulus-stimulus pairing procedure will be compared with a direct contingent reinforcement procedure for increasing language in students with autism.



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