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Second International Conference; Brazil, 2004

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Paper Session #163
Escessos Comportamentais e Alternativas de Tratameno (Behavioral Excess and Treatment Alternatives)
Saturday, August 14, 2004
2:00 PM–3:15 PM
Paco dos Nobres 4B
Area: CBM
Chair: Marina Stahl Merlin (Instituto de Psiquiatria de Campinas)

Where is the OCD when the Obsessions and Compulsions Have Gone? Potential of Habit Reversal (Onde Fica o TOC Quando as Obsessões e Compulsões Desaparecem?)

Domain: Applied Behavior Analysis
KAROLA DILLENBURGER (The Queen's University, Belfast, Northern Ireland), Michael Keenan (University of Ulster)



O Comportamento Sexual Humano e Suas Variações (Human Sexual Behavior and Its Variations)

Domain: Applied Behavior Analysis



Uma Proposta de Trabalho Interdisciplinar para Transtorno de Ansiedade: Instituto de Psiquiatria de Campinas (A Proposal of Interdisciplinary Work for Anxiety Disorders: Instituto de Psiquiatria de Campinas)

Domain: Applied Behavior Analysis
MARIANA DE ANDRADE GRACIANO PIRES (Instituto de Psiquiatria de Campinas), Marina Stahl Merlin (Instituto de Psiquiatria de Campinas), Afranio de Carvalho Mendes (Instituto de Psiquiatria de Campinas), Valeria B. M. Agostinho (Instituto de Psiquiatria de Campinas), Christiane M. A. Fonseca (Instituto de Psiquiatria de Campinas), Mariana Zopi (Instituto de Psiquiatria de Campinas)





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