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Second International Conference; Brazil, 2004

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Paper Session #189
Schedules of Reinforcement: Back to the Basics (Esquemas de Reforçamento: De Volta ás Origens)
Saturday, August 14, 2004
3:45 PM–5:00 PM
Paco dos Nobres 4A
Area: EAB
Chair: James Kopp (University of Texas at Arlington)

Adjusting Differential Reinforcement of Long Duration Barpress Responses in Rats: Who's Adjusting Whom? (Ajustando o Reforçamento Diferencial de Respostas de Pressão à Barra de Longo Duração em Ratos: Quem Ajusta Quem?)

Domain: Applied Behavior Analysis
JAMES KOPP (University of Texas at Austin), Denise Lott Arellano (University of Texas at Austin)



Dynamic Choice and Fixed-Ratio Changeover Requirements (Escolha Dinâmica e Requisitos Fixed-Ratio Changeover)

Domain: Applied Behavior Analysis
CARLOS F. APARICIO (University of Guadalajara), Jorge Arturo Balderrama Trapaga (University of Guadalajara)



Reinforcement Magnitude and Dynamic Choice (Magnitude de Reforçamento e Escolha Dinâmica)

Domain: Applied Behavior Analysis
CARLOS F. APARICIO (University of Guadalajara), William M. Baum (University of California, Davis)





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