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2012 Behavior Change for a Sustainable World Conference

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Invited Paper Session #12
CE Offered: PSY/BACB

Show Me The Money (It's Green, You Know)

Saturday, August 4, 2012
11:00 AM–12:00 PM
US Bank Conference Theater
Area: CSE; Domain: Theory
Instruction Level: Intermediate
CE Instructor: Darnell Lattal, Ph.D.
Chair: Mark P. Alavosius (University of Nevada, Reno)
DARNELL LATTAL (Aubrey Daniels International)
Darnell Lattal is president and chief executive officer of Aubrey Daniels International. She is a specialist in the design and implementation of behavioral-based business strategies to achieve core initiatives. She has worked in a variety of settings on organizational redesign and change management, executive coaching, achieving high performance, performance measurement and systems design, leadership and teamwork within and across organizational structures, succession planning, ethical decision-making, and creating a solid leadership legacy based on self-awareness and self-management. Dr. Lattal is particularly effective in coaching individuals from executives to line employees to make improvements in personal style and performance execution. She has special expertise in the psychology of learning, designing sustainable and rapid change.

The closest thing we have to a law of behavior, as gravity is a law of physics, is that behavior is a function of its consequences. Many attempts to get the public to "go green" have not applied behavioral consequences in a way that is consistent with what behavior analysis, the science of behavior, knows about how to change behavior to the point that it becomes "the new norm." In other words, how to make it last and become a habit. Whether at the individual level or the corporate level, long-term commitment to environmental concerns requires a sophisticated application of effective consequences. In this session, Dr. Lattalwill present a tool for analyzing the effectiveness of consequences in current green initiatives and a simple framework for recycling ineffective initiatives into successful ones.

Target Audience:

BACB-certified behavior analysts and licensed psychologists.

Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of this session, participants should be able to:

1.     Understand how the phrase, "Behavior is perfectly motivated" applies to sustaining a green planet.

2.     Describe why policy makers need to become skilled in functional analysis.

3.     Understand that what is said to build inclusion in designing large-scale methods of behavior change must be broadened to attract diverse and currently non-aligned groups as primary owners and beneficiaries.



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