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33rd Annual Convention; San Diego, CA; 2007

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Panel #16
Behavioral Intervention for Tobacco Addiction and Second-Hand Smoke as a Violation of Civil Rights
Saturday, May 26, 2007
1:00 PM–2:20 PM
Betsy B
Area: CSE/CBM; Domain: Service Delivery
Chair: Victor J. DeNoble (Hissho, Inc.)
VICTOR J. DENOBLE (Hissho, Inc.)
ALLISON Y. LORD (Tobacco Outreach Technology, Inc.)
ROBERT M. STEIN (NeuroHealth)
SHERMAN YEN (Asian American Anti-Smoking Foundation)
Abstract: The panel discussion will concentrate on two areas: behavioral intervention and interpretation of how civil rights for non-smokers have been violated. The intervention component consists of updated information on behavioral prevention techniques and clinical interventions with different ethic and majority groups. The second component will discuss important considerations of non-smokers’ health rights and the social responsibility of behaviorist. It maybe argued that the civil rights of nonsmokers have been violated by second-hand smoke and lawsuits focusing on discrimination may begin to emerge.



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