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34th Annual Convention; Chicago, IL; 2008

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Expo Poster Session #326
ABAI Expo - Other Organizations
Sunday, May 25, 2008
10:00 PM–12:00 AM
South Exhibit Hall
82. ACES Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention.
JAMES A. HOKO (Area Cooperative Educational Services - EIBI), Donn Sottolano (Area Cooperative Educational Services - EIBI), Jill G. Emmerich (Area Cooperative Educational Services - EIBI), Caryn Mello-Kennedy (Area Cooperative Educational Services - EIBI), Cara M. Cappalli (Area Cooperative Educational Services - EIBI), Coral E. Lee (Area Cooperative Educational Services - EIBI), Krystl Giordano-Padilla (Area Cooperative Educational Services - EIBI), Lisa Tereshko (Area Cooperative Educational Services - EIBI)
Abstract: ACES is one of five Regional Educational Service Centers serving public school districts in CT. Its ABA-based Autism program ACES-EIBI-- has grown seven times its original size since its inception in the fall of 2002. Our program provides a carefully designed, highly structured approach to teaching based on well-studied principals of human learning. It is designed primarily for children ranging in age from three to fourteen whose clinical diagnoses fall along the autism spectrum. ACES EIBI is staffed by qualified, certified professionals in the areas of behavior analysis, education, occupational therapy, speech, and other related services. The trans-disciplinary team works together to assess individual student needs, develop optimal individualized instructional programming, and implement empirically-validated techniques. In keeping with the latest national and state recommendations, ACES-EIBI provides more than 25 hours of intensive, ABA-based, early intervention across a variety of instructional contexts. Additionally, the program incorporates ecological modifications, functional behavioral assessments peer integration planning, parent training, and other intensive educational experiences. Proud of its growth in size and proficiency, ACES-EIBI continues to search for skilled, motivated individuals to help us in providing quality educational services to Connecticut children and families.
83. AdvoServ Residential Programs.
JAMES F. MCGIMSEY (AdvoServ), Terry J. Page (AdvoServ), Gretchen S. Thwing (AdvoServ), Cheryl L. Ecott (AdvoServ), David M. Wilson (AdvoServ)
Abstract: AdvoServ offers a variety of clinical, educational and administrative roles for B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. professionals with interest, training and experience in Behavior Analysis in their residential programs in Delaware, Florida and New Jersey. AdvoServ provides nationally recognized services for children through adults with a range of developmental disabilities, mental health issues, and challenging behaviors such as aggression, conduct disorders, property destruction, and self-injury. We specialize in behavioral services designed to effectively treat these problems and teach skills in order to return individuals to their communities and families. Our programs demonstrate significant success in behavioral, educational and adaptive domains for individuals who often have not benefited from previous attempts at programming. To achieve these successes, we depend upon motivated staff who wish to learn and work in the field of behavior analysis and developmental disabilities. Excellent salaries with substantial increases for advancing skills, experience and responsibilities, comprehensive medical and dental insurance, 401(k) plan, tuition reimbursement, opportunities for continued education and professional development, and much more. Gain unique skills and invaluable credentials joining a top-notch team of Behavior Analysts.
84. Behavioral Intervention in Autism: An Online BCBA Curriculum.
RICHARD K. FLEMING (University of Massachusetts Medical School, E.K. Shriver Center), Charles Hamad (University of Massachusetts Medical School), Richard Siegel (University of Massachusetts, Lowell ), Charlotte Mandell (University Of Massachusetts), Cheryl Gray (University of Massachusetts Medical School, E.K. Shriver Center), Leslie A. Morrison (University of Massachusetts Medical School, E.K. Shriver Center)
Abstract: Behavioral Intervention in Autism is a five-course, online curriculum offered through a collaboration between the E. K. Shriver Center at UMASS Medical School and UMASS Lowell. The curriculum is approved by BACB to meet the coursework requirement at the BCBA and BCABA levels. Nationally recognized doctoral level experts in behavior analysis and autism teach the courses.
85. Clinic 4 Kidz: Intensive Home-Based Pediatric Feeding Disorders Program.
ANGELA PRUETT (Clinic4Kidz), Meeta R. Patel (Clinic4Kidz), Jennifer Leigh King (Clinic4Kidz)
Abstract: Clinic 4 Kidz is a home-based pediatric feeding disorders program and a small percentage of our practice also provides intensive treatment to children with autism. We provide services for children birth to 12 years of age. We treat children with a variety of feeding problems such as tube dependence, food refusal, texture and type selectivity, bottle dependence, ritualistic eating patterns etc. Diagnoses include (but are not limited to) failure to thrive, developmental disabilities (e.g., autism, down syndrome etc.), prematurity, gastroesophageal reflux, and other gastrointestinal problems. Treatment is provided in the childs natural environment (e.g., home, school, restaurants etc.). Our clinicians travel all over the country to provide state of the art feeding therapy to children with a variety of difficulties. Clinic 4 Kidz strives to provide quality clinical services as well as conduct clinically significant research. The clinical research that is conducted focus on the assessment and treatment of feeding problems in children. We also have a long-term outcome measures research project that all clinicians are involved in. We are always looking to hire behavior analysts who have both clinical and research interest in the area of pediatric feeding disorders and/or autism.
86. Division 25 of the American Psychological Association.
ERIC A. JACOBS (Southern Illinois University, Carbondale)
Abstract: Division 25 was founded in 1964 to promote basic research in the experimental analysis of behavior, to encourage applications of such research to human affairs, and to cooperate with other divisions whose interests overlap with the Division. Division 25 is also the voice of behavior analysis within the APA. If behavior analysts are not strongly represented in APA, then APA is unlikely to advocate for us when they speak with government officials, funding agencies, and to the general public. The stronger our numbers, the louder our voice. Stop by the poster at this year's expo to learn more about Division and about how you can help simply by joining. With annual dues as low as $22 the time to join Division 25 is now.
87. Early Language Intervention Ltd.
DEIRDRE M. MULDOON (Early Language Intervention Ltd.), Kristen A. Maglieri (Early Language Intervention Ltd.), Triona Tammemagi (Early Language Intervention Ltd.), Joel Nudi (Early Language Intervention Ltd.)
Abstract: Early Language Intervention Ltd (ELI) serves children diagnosed with speech and language delay or disorder. ELI was established in 2001 by Deirdre Muldoon and Joel Nudi to meet the growing demand for language therapy services in the Dublin area. Since 2001, ELI has grown from serving several children to over one hundred children in five locations across Ireland. ELI is based on a developmental sequence of language acquisition. Our programs are driven by evidence-based teaching strategies that help children acquire language in a developmentally appropriate manner. ELI offers three services: pre-school (ages 2-6), after-school (ages 6-12) and intensive pre-school for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Our approach to language intervention has been extremely successful in providing students with the skills necessary to achieve in mainstream school placements, including those who had been diagnosed with a severe language delay or disorder.
88. The Academy for Precision Learning.
ALISON L. MOORS (Academy for Precision Learning)
Abstract: The Academy for Precision Learning opened its doors in August of 2007. We are an inclusion based private elementary program for students ages Kindergarten-Fifth grade with a special emphasis on including students on the Autism spectrum. Our motto is: "because every child is a highly capable child". We utilize a variety of teaching technologies derived from the field of Applied Behavior Analysis including Precision Teaching, Fluency Based Instruction, Direct Instruction, Discrete Trial Instruction and more. Our staff is a unique combination of certified elementary school teachers and board certified behavior analysts or those studying to become board certified.
89. Autism Behavioral Research Individualized Treatment & Education (ABRITE).
GINGER R. WILSON (The ABRITE Organization), Janice K. Doney (The ABRITE Organization), John Frederick (The ABRITE Organization)
Abstract: ABRITE provides early intervention services to children with autism and other developmental disabilities throughout Santa Cruz County, California. ABRITE utilizes the principles and methods of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in order to analyze a childs specific needs and develop an individualized learning environment and program of instruction. The ABRITE treatment model consists of several instructional strategies based on the principles of behavior analysis including: discrete trial and natural environment teaching, function-based communication training, rate building, and verbal behavior instruction. In addition to intensive home-based services, ABRITE provides children and families with several other forms of assistance including: (1) function based assessment and treatment of undesirable behaviors, (2) parent training, and (3) classroom assistance. ABRITE is comprised of a compassionate team of individuals who care deeply about children and who believe that autism does not define a child. ABRITE emphasizes the importance of a team approach to intervention and views parent involvement and training as essential components of intervention. We believe that further development and dissemination of validated practices will be the way by which families and science can unite to improve the lives of children with autism and other developmental delays. ABRITE offers a number of employment and training opportunities to undergraduates, graduates, and postgraduates.
90. Tri-Valley Academy.
ZOE E. LLOYD (Tri-Valley Academy, Bergenfield Public Schools, NJ)
Abstract: The Tri-Valley Academy is new public school program that serves children on the autistic spectrum using applied behavior analysis. The program is a collaborative venture between three school districts, Bergenfield, New Milford, and Dumont, New Jersey. In addition to a full day school program, the Tri-Valley Academy also began a summer golf program for middle school and high school students on the autistic spectrum. This program, titled "Not Far From Par", was funded through a USGA grant.
91. ASAT: Association for Science in Autism Treatment.
DAVID A. CELIBERTI (Private Practice)
Abstract: The Association for Science in Autism Treatment is an organization dedicated to disseminating accurate information regarding empirically verified treatment for the Autistic Spectrum Disorders. This poster will describe the activities of the organization.
92. The New Jersey Center for Outreach and Services for the Autism Community (COSAC).
LINDA S. MEYER (New Jersey Center for Outreach and Services for the Autism Community), Tamara A. Bannon (New Jersey Center for Outreach and Services for the Autism Community), Barbara Wells (New Jersey Center for Outreach and Services for the Autism Community)
Abstract: Free autism and ABA publications



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