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The Association for Behavior Analysis International® (ABAI) is a nonprofit membership organization with the mission to contribute to the well-being of society by developing, enhancing, and supporting the growth and vitality of the science of behavior analysis through research, education, and practice.


31st Annual Convention; Chicago, IL; 2005

Program by Reunions: Sunday, May 29, 2005

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Reunion #269
A Celebration of the Life and Contributions of Ogden R. Lindsley
Sunday, May 29, 2005
8:00 PM–10:00 PM
Marquette (3rd floor)
Chair: Michael Fabrizio (Fabrizio/Moors Consulting)
The Standard Celeration Society invites you to an event honoring the amazing life and many contributions of Ogden R. Lindsley. Please join us as we spend time with one another remembering Ogden and the significant role he played in shaping behavior analysis and precision teaching. Events will include an open microphone portion of the evening where participants may share their memories of Ogden as well as a multimedia collage of Ogden and his life. Refreshments will be provided.
Reunion #270
Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies Members Reception
Sunday, May 29, 2005
8:00 PM–10:00 PM
Williford B (3rd floor)
Chair: Dwight Harshbarger (Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies)
To visit with friends, members, trustees and advisors of the Cambridge Center, learn about recent CCBS initiatives and support the Center.
Reunion #271
May Institute Hospitality Suite
Sunday, May 29, 2005
8:00 PM–10:00 PM
Joliet (3rd floor)
Chair: Patrick F. Heick (The May Institute)
We invite the ABA community, including anyone currently or formerly associated with the May Institute or May South, to join us for this gathering. This venue also provides an opportunity for prospective interns and graduate students to learn more about our programs. Beverages and desserts will be provided.
Reunion #272
Reunion of St. Cloud State University and Friends
Sunday, May 29, 2005
8:00 PM–10:00 PM
Private Dining Room 3 (3rd floor)
Chair: Gerald C. Mertens (Psychology Department - Whitney House, 740 4th Ave. S)
Social Event for St. Cloud State University and Friends
Reunion #273
The B. F. Skinner Foundation
Sunday, May 29, 2005
8:00 PM–10:00 PM
Williford A (3rd floor)
Chair: Julie S. Vargas (B.F. Skinner Foundation)
To provide an opportunity for attendees to get together with the officers of the Foundation and to share ideas about future activities and directions.
Reunion #274
Western Michigan University Reunion for Students, Alumni and Friends
Sunday, May 29, 2005
8:00 PM–10:00 PM
Waldorf (3rd floor)
Chair: R. Wayne Fuqua (Western Michigan University)
This is a social reunion for students, alumni and friends of the Department of Psychology at Western Michigan University.



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