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41st Annual Convention; San Antonio, TX; 2015

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Workshop #W20
CE Offered: PSY/BACB
Functional Analysis 2.0: Augmenting Functional Analysis With Precision Teaching and Standard Celeration Charting
Friday, May 22, 2015
8:00 AM–3:00 PM
204B (CC)
Area: PRA/DDA; Domain: Service Delivery
CE Instructor: Richard M. Kubina Jr., Ph.D.
RICHARD M. KUBINA JR. (Penn State), ADAM MICHAEL PEAL (Pennsylvania State University), MEGAN MILLER (The Ohio State University), Sean D. Casey (The Iowa Department of Education)
Description: The functional analysis is the premier method in behavior analysis for uncovering behavior-environment relations. Through many research articles and experimental studies, functional analyses have consistently demonstrated the power of identifying variables that influence the occurrence of problem behavior. Functional analyses can be improved by the following factors: careful pinpointing of behavior, recording behavior with frequency (not sessions), and displaying behavior on a Standard Celeration Chart. The chart allows actual quantification of important components in the visual analysis of behavior such as level differences and the degree of variability. Furthermore, the standard nature allows people to experience the same effects other applied scientists enjoy such as the electrocardiogram: rapid and consistent decision making. The workshop will show people the basics of conducting a functional analysis while augmenting the process with pinpointing, frequency recording and Standard Celeration Charting. Options for using online Standard Celeration Charts also will be covered.
Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of the workshop, participants should be able to: (1) pinpoint behavior with action verbs, objects, and context; (2) compare different functional analyses data and measure the different levels on Standard Celeration Charts; (3)record frequency with videotaped behavior; and (4) input data on an online standard celeration chart and verbally describe the celeration and variability of charted data.
Activities: The six-hour workshop activities will instruct participants to use pinpointing, frequency recording, and standard celebration charting to behavioral challenges. The format combines lecture, small group activities, guided practice, and frequency building exercises focused on the components of Precision Teaching and functional analysis. Participants will further evaluate behavioral data on Standard Celeration Charts. Participants will label quantified level changes, celeration, and bounce significance.
Audience: Practicing behavior analysts, school psychologists, and other professionals responsible for implementing functional analyses.
Content Area: Practice
Instruction Level: Basic



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