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2011 Behavioral Economics Conference

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Poster Session #5
CSE Poster Session
Friday, March 25, 2011
7:00 PM–9:00 PM
The Club at 151

Food Dudes: Increasing Fruit and Vegetable Consumption in Elementary School Students

Area: CSE; Domain: Applied Behavior Analysis
ROCHELLE R. SMITS (Utah State University), Gregory J. Madden (Utah State University), Heidi Wengreen (Utah State University), Sheryl Aguilar (Utah State University)

In the last 3 decades the prevalence of obesity in American children has increased by 30% or more ( Children and adolescents who are overweight have been shown to be more likely to be overweight into adulthood (Freedman et al., 2001; Whitaker et al., 1997) and be at a greater risk for several long-term diseases (Freedman et al., 1999). Likely a contributor to this growing problem is the fact that children and adolescents consume far less than the daily recommended portions of fruits and vegetables (F/V; Guenther et al. 2006). In an effort to increase F/V consumption, behavioral economic researchers at Bangor University have developed an in-school program that uses tangible incentives as well as the default option to encourage consumption of F/V. This program has demonstrated both socially and statistically significant increases in F/V consumption in English and Irish elementary schools (Horne et al., 2004; Horne et al., 2009; Lowe et al., 2004), and has been implemented nationally in all Irish elementary schools. We will report on a pilot Food Dudes program implemented in a single elementary school in the United States. Preliminary data show significant increases in F/V consumption during treatment.


Police Atendance and Violent Behavior Against Women: Proposals for Public Policies

Area: CSE; Domain: Service Delivery
PATRICIA TONISSI MIGLIATO (Universidade Federal de São Carlos)

In Brazil, the Delegacia da Mulher (Women's Police Stations) were set up to combat and prevent violence against women, consequently interfering in time to prevent harm occurrence or aggravation to the development of individuals. However, some studies show that treatment is poor in these police stations, marked by patriarchal habits, contributing to the perpetuation of violence. Thus, an experiment in which 20 police officers participated was conducted in a game that, through some questions, the reality about their work and beliefs they hold about violence against women were investigated. By instruments means, some participants did not believe how a violent behavior can be promoted and maintained by interlaced contingencies as well as they did not understand that the victim's behavior to remain or not in a violent relationship is a behavior of choice, which considers costs and benefits and occurs according to the strength of social reinforcers.




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