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Federal Funding Resources on the Web

With thanks to Dr. Kurt Salzinger for providing this information.


Some of the items shown below are included with additional information at When you find a granting agency that seems to offer support your research interests, do not hesitate to call the granting officer and discuss your specific project. Some will even look at brief written descriptions of a grant application before you work on the full-blown application.


SPIN (Science Policy Insider News)

A monthly electronic newsletter created by the APA Science Directorate Public Policy staff to provide information on policy issues that affect psychological science and psychologists:


Psychological Science in the Workplace InfoNet (PSWIN)

An information network for psychologists interested in research applied to the workplace. This is a moderated, post-only listserv developed by APA's Science Directorate and distributed once a month. It includes: calls for papers; announcements of conferences or workshops; calls for nominations for awards, boards or committees; upcoming special issues of a journal; new federal reports or programs; calls for comments on federal draft documents or professional documents; or new sources of research funding. Subscribers are encouraged to submit items. All submissions will be edited for conciseness and to ensure items are appropriate for the InfoNet. To subscribe or un-subscribe, go to Subscribers can review archives at



A Search Tool for Research Funding in the Behavioral and Social Sciences: FundSource is a tool designed to help behavioral and social scientists find research funding. It has been designed to be specific to behavioral and social science research, freely available with no subscription costs, and responsive to your needs and feedback. The FundSource database includes short descriptions; contact information; and web links to programs in federal agencies, foundations, and international organizations that fund behavioral and social science research. FundSource Searches include:


List Search

Generates a complete list of organizations in the FundSource database. Click on those that interest you to view contact information and a brief description.


Database Search

Generates a tailored list of organizations in the FundSource database determined by the name, discipline and/or topic that you select. Click on those that interest you to view contact information and a brief description.


Web Search

erates a tailored list of webpage URLs determined by your own keywords that will take you directly to organizations' own information about their research support. This search will give you the most up-to-date information but is not as selective as the database search.

For more general information on funding sources across the behavioral and social sciences, please see FundSource:


Behavioral and Social Sciences Research Guide to NIH Grants


NIH Guide to Grants and Contracts


Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research




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