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40th Annual Convention; Chicago, IL; 2014

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Workshop #W19
CE Offered: PSY/BACB
A Comprehensive Training Program for Functional Analyses and Treatment Development
Friday, May 23, 2014
8:00 AM–3:00 PM
W181c (McCormick Place Convention Center)
Area: PRA/TBA; Domain: Service Delivery
CE Instructor: James Chok, Ph.D.
JAMES CHOK (Melmark Pennsylvania)
Description: A functional analysis (FA) is a systematic experimental methodology used in the assessment process to determine a behavior's maintaining variables prior to treatment selection. Research has shown that selecting interventions based upon the results of an FA greatly improves treatment outcomes for problem behavior (e.g., Pelios, Morren, Tesch, & Axelrod, 1999; Hastings & Noone, 2005). Moreover, inaccurate interpretation of FA data can lead to the selection of ineffective interventions, and possibly interventions that inadvertently exacerbate problem behavior (e.g., Iwata, Pace, Cowdery, & Miltenberger, 1994). Thus, utilizing FAs to guide treatment selection is important for behavior analysts working within applied settings. Although designing and conducting functional analyses, and using the results to guide treatment selection, are important skill sets for behavior analysts to possess, the research literature does not yet offer any published examples of how to effectively train the myriad skills that make up this process. The current workshop is designed to teach practitioners how to train these skills in applied settings.
Learning Objectives: The goal of the workshop is to teach individuals in a training role how to teach comprehensive functional analysis and treatment development skills. At the conclusion of the workshop, the participant will be able to train supervisees to do the following activities: (1) consider ethical dilemmas when conducting functional analyses; (2) conduct standard functional analysis sessions; (3) interview staff members/caregivers and develop idiosyncratic functional analysis conditions; (4) select an appropriate measurement system, functional analysis methodology, and experimental design for functional analyses; (5) interpret functional analysis data; and (6) select treatments that are informed by functional analysis results.
Activities: This workshop will include multiple activities: lecture, modeling of skills, small group practice of skills, and practice taking data and evaluating performance.
Audience: This workshop is intended for BACB certificants and licensed psychologists, including individuals who are responsible for training others to conduct functional analyses and develop treatments.
Content Area: Practice
Instruction Level: Intermediate
Keyword(s): functional analyis, staff training, treatment development



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