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33rd Annual Convention; San Diego, CA; 2007

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Symposium #402
Performance Feedback in Increasing Efficacy of ABA Programming in Adult Residential and Day Services
Monday, May 28, 2007
1:30 PM–2:50 PM
Ford AB
Area: DDA/TBA; Domain: Applied Research
Chair: Paul Hough (Charles River ARC)
Discussant: John C. Randall (Charles River ARC)
Abstract: Day Habilitation and Vocational Service managers, educated in ABA curriculum implemented ABA programming with three individuals with such challenging behaviors that attendance in day programs and time on task had reduced significantly. Further, in one case, challenging behaviors had jeopardized the individual’s residential placement as well. ABA programming reduced the challenging behaviors, however, performance feedback provided to direct service staff was an essential component to increasing efficacy of programming such that individuals were able to return to day program and/or to re-engage in employment activities, and in one case, save the residential placement. Each of the three individuals discussed in this presentation have become and are currently meeting successful attendance or production criteria in their current day programs. One has increased day hab attendance from 0%, to 100%, one individual has increased monthly earnings from $0.00 to average $300.00 and has maintained community employment while also maintaining behaviors that satisfy criteria for success in a residential setting, and the third individual is decreasing challenging behaviors and thereby increasing time on required vocational tasks.
Performance Feedback as Essential in Enhancing Staff Interaction with an Individual Returning to Day Habilitation Program.
PAUL HOUGH (Charles River ARC), John C. Randall (Charles River ARC), Julie Erin Lomartire (Charles River ARC), Heather Conlan (Charles River ARC)
Abstract: Day Habilitation manager trained in ABA developed and implemented a behavior plan for an individual engaging in self injurious and assaultive behaviors. The intensity of these behaviors was such that the individual and some staff required acute medical care for injuries. These behaviors led to the individual being kept out of the Day Habilitation program for extended periods of time. Upon implementation of performance feedback for staff, target behaviors decreased in frequency and intensity such that the individual is now attending Day Habilitation program 5 out of 5 days per week. Attendance is no longer predicated upon behavior.
Performance Feedback as Essential in Increasing Efficacy of Staff Interactions with an Individual in Vocational and Residential Programs.
HEATHER CONLAN (Charles River ARC), John C. Randall (Charles River ARC), Julie Erin Lomartire (Charles River ARC), Paul Hough (Charles River ARC)
Abstract: Performance Feedback tools were essential in increasing efficacy of staff interactions with an individual who had been suspended from his vocational program due to aggression and assaultive behaivors . The increased efficacy of the staff interventions were such that the individual was able to transition back into the vocational program and return to work. The individual's attendance during suspension was 0 out of 5 days per week. Currently, the individual's attendance is not predicated on behavior. This individual’s challenging behaviors were also jeopardizing his residential placement. Similar feedback tools with residential staff were equally effective in reducing challenging behaviors to salvage placement.
Performance Feedback as Essential in Enhancing Staff Interaction to Reduce Challenging Behaviors in a Vocational Program.
JULIE ERIN LOMARTIRE (Charles River ARC), Paul Hough (Charles River ARC), Heather Conlan (Charles River ARC), John C. Randall (Charles River ARC)
Abstract: Training staff in ABA techniques and how to properly implement a behavioral intervention in conjunction with using performance feedback tools was an effective means of reducing challenging behaviors of aggression, screaming, and assaultive behavior in an individual with developmental disabilities. This specific individual was exhibiting a number of challenging behaviors throughout the day in his vocational program, and the behaviors began to increase in both frequency and intensity. These behaviors were impacting his ability to have productive days in his work setting. All staff involved were trained on a behavioral intervention for this individual. Staff were monitored and given corrective feedback through the use of performance feedback tools. As a result of the performance feedback tools staff were able to expedite the reduction of frequency and intensity of these challenging behaviors.



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