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What to Eat, When to Move: Lessons from Hunter-Gatherers

Herman Pontzer (Duke University)

B. F. Skinner Lecture Series Paper




Herman Pontzer, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology and Research Associate Professor of Global Health at Duke University, investigates how our species’ evolutionary past shapes our lives today. His team conducted the first measurements of daily energy expenditure in traditional hunter-gatherers and in non-human apes, with findings that have challenged the way we think about diet, exercise, metabolism, and health. Dr. Pontzer’s new book, Burn, published in March, 2021.



How many calories do you really burn each day? How does exercise affect yourmetabolism,and does aslowmetabolism mean you'll struggle withyour weight? What is the “natural” human diet? In this talk, we’ll discuss the surprising new research investigating our metabolism – the way we burn energy. Dr. Pontzer will discuss his work with hunter-gatherers, with our great ape cousins, and with populations around the globe, exploring the way our bodies use energy, and how our evolutionary past shapes our lives and our health today.


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