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Licensing Resources

ABAI Licensing Committee


FAQs About Licensure 

This committee serves as a resource on licensure of behavior analysts by state agencies. Topics on which the committee may provide assistance include developing and/or reviewing legislation, lobbying strategies and tactics, developing alliances with other groups, developing and/or reviewing regulations to implement licensure, legislative monitoring, maintenance and defense of licensure, and addressing sunset review of licensure statutes and agencies.


Committee members have a wealth of real-world experience dealing with issues in addressing behavior analyst credentialing, especially licensure, in multiple states and nations. Their experiences include drafting legislation; working with legislators, agencies, and advocacy groups regarding credentialing and licensure; testifying in legislative hearings; developing regulations for implementing licensure; and serving on boards overseeing behavior analyst licensure.


Assistance from the Licensing Committee is provided without charge to chapters; contact the chair, Dr. Gordon Bourland, at The Licensing Committee operates under the Affiliated Chapters Board.


Licensing Committee Resources


The Licensing Committee compiles information related to credentialing of behavior analysts, primarily licensure, for the benefit of ABAI affiliated chapters. Some items are prepared by the committee, and others are collected from various sources. Suggestions of other resources to be added here are welcome.


State Behavior Analyst Licensure Statutes and Regulations


NOTE: Opinions expressed in the articles listed below are not necessarily those of the Licensing Committee or of ABAI.


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ABAI Licensing Committee 2022 Presentation


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ABAI Licensing Committee 2021 Presentation


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Riddle Me This: When is Your Medically Necessary Behavior Goal NOT Your Behavior Goal (Negotiating Insurance Company Requirements for Creating Treatment Plans)

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