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Guest Emergency Procedures


Hilton San Diego Bayfront Emergency Phone

From any room or house phone dial 55, or call (619) 321-4238 (dispatch office; recorded line) from your cellphone.


In the event of an emergency, both visual and audible alarms will sound throughout the hotel. An announcement will follow with instructions.


Medical Treatment

Nearest Hospital

Scripps Mercy Hospital San Diego

4077 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA 92103


Open 24 hours


Nearest Walk-in/Non-Emergency Medical Facility

UC San Diego Medical Center, Hillcrest

200 W Arbor, San Diego, CA 92103



Perlman Clinic Downtown San Diego

555 W C St Ste 102, San Diego, CA 92101



Nearest Drug Store

CVS Pharmacy

1850 5th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101



Hilton San Diego Bayfront Emergency Procedures


  • Security officers patrol the facility and surrounding property 24–7.
  • An in-house security command center is staffed 24–7.
  • 24-hour security phone number: 619-321-4238
  • Security Manager: Aristo "Aggie" Aguilar
  • o: 619-321-4441 c: 917-681-4709 e:


The Hotel is covered by a Hilton global risk assessment, which assesses the following ten threats: crime, infrastructure, internal audit, attack/significant violent event, an outbreak of disease/illness, fire/explosion, hazardous material spillage, natural disaster, social/political unrest, and transport emergency. Hilton operates a global security manual, which covers various topics including:


  • External physical security
  • Internal physical security
  • Specific security policies
  • Quarterly checklists
  • Threat levels 0-5
    • Standard
    • Focused
    • Enhanced access
    • Stringent access
    • Lockdown
    • Abandon
  • Training
  • CCTV guidance
  • Key control policy


Manned guarding (in-house and/or contract) is provided based on the Hilton global risk assessment and specific Hotel-based security assessment. Other physical security measures such as vehicle screening, guest screening, standoff, barrier control, and bomb detection equipment may also be provided based on the above risk-based approach and local country requirements. CCTV is operated within the Hotel in all vital public areas and the CCTV systems are set to retain recordings for 30 days (or for a different period based on local laws). The Hotel is provided with early intelligence through Hilton’s (IDV) intelligence platform. This system pulls in data feeds from subscription and non-subscription intelligence services covering all security, geo-political, geological, weather, and public health related threats, which enables us to provide swift mitigation to the Hotel.


Crisis Management and Emergency Procedures

This Hotel operates the Hilton Alert mobile device application for rapid crisis communications with Site, Area, and Global Crisis Teams. Functionality includes the ability to send alerts on operational or crisis needs to automated groups, secure chat, receiving of polls and checklists as well as an offline version of the Pocket Guide to Incident Control. This synchronizes with the central crisis management platform, Fusion.


The Hotel has access to the following crisis guides: hurricanes, earthquake, drought, landslides, floods, sandstorms, avalanche, air pollution events, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, tsunami, and wildfires.



  • The Hotel has qualified first aiders/CPR on duty 24/7, available to Team Members, guests, and visitors. First aid requisites and supplies are checked regularly.
  • In case of a medical emergency dial 55 from any house phone or dial 619-321-4238 from your cellphone to alert Hilton Security.


Severe Weather

  • The security department continuously monitors the National Weather Service. If there is a weather emergency nearby, an announcement will be made throughout the building via the public-address system, with simple instructions for evacuation to a safe area within the facility.
  • When the severe weather threat has passed, the security department will issue an announcement on the same public-address system.



In case of a fire emergency dial 55 from any house phone or dial 619-321-4238 from your cellphone to alert Hilton.


Security Hilton San Diego Bayfront Fire Prevention Protocol:

  1. The Hotel complies with the requirements of local fire safety laws.
  2. Fire drills involving all team members are conducted at least semi-annually.
  3. The fire alarm system includes automatic detection and audible alarms in guest bedrooms, public areas, and back of house areas of the Hotel.
  4. Team members trained in fire evacuation procedures are on duty 24/7.Mandatory checklist relating to fire alarm system, fire detection, emergency lighting, and portable firefighting equipment completed and recorded.
  5. Fire doors to protected escape stairwells have self-closing devices fitted.
  6. Fire doors are in place to high-risk rooms (technical rooms, boiler rooms, electrical rooms, etc.).
  7. Self-closing devices on all guestroom doors.
  8. Emergency escape signage is in place in public and back of house areas.
  9. Emergency lighting is in place in public and back of house areas.
  10. Evacuation information is available in all guest bedrooms and conference rooms on the rear of the door or near the entrance.
  11. Internal exits have crash bars for automatic release (or an alternative emergency release system). No exits are locked or require keys.
  12. The assessment of fire risk forms part of the internal audit process with action plans identified.


Suspected Active Shooter

If an active shooter is in the building, an alert will be broadcast over the public-address system.


  • Evacuation—Get out of the building/area even if others won’t follow. Help others escape, if possible. Take an evacuation path away from the suspect. Warn others as you escape. Do not attempt to move wounded people. Do not rush toward officers, keep your hands visible at all times, and follow all of their commands. Update police with the suspect’s description and location.
  • Lockdown—Do not leave your current location if you feel the suspect will see or find you. If you can, gather those around you and go to the nearest room with a locking door. Once inside, lock the door and barricade it with heavy objects. Try to prevent being seen. Turn off lights and close drapes or blinds. Sit or lie on the floor next to the wall with the door and be as quiet as possible. Silence your cell phone. Do not answer or open the door for anyone. If you are found and unable to get away, throw objects, yell, and continue to defend yourself.


Suspicious Items

  • Do not touch a suspicious-seeming item.
  • Immediately report the item—dial 55 from any house phone or dial 619-321-4238 from your cellphone to alert Hilton Security.




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