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Marcelo Benvenuti, Ph.D.

University of São Paulo


Marcelo Benvenuti is an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Psychology at the University of São Paulo in Brazil. He currently serves as the coordinator of the Laboratory of Experimental Analysis of Social Behavior and is also a part of the research group named National Institute of Science and Technology about Behavior, Cognition, and Teaching. In 2004, he obtained his PhD in Experimental Psychology from the University of São Paulo.

Dr. Benvenuti's career contributions have been focused on basic laboratory analyses of social behavior, group formation, and metacontingencies. He has also contributed to understanding the role of social transmission in human learning, particularly in cases of superstitious behavior transmission. Along with his work in basic laboratory studies, he is also interested in applied work related to cooperation in educational settings and behavior economics. He advises practicum work in these fields.

Dr. Benvenuti's work has resulted in numerous publications in major outlets in Brazil and internationally. He has also held several leadership positions in Brazil, including serving as the president of the Brazilian Association of Behavior Analysis (ABAI Associate Chapter), a member of the directory board of the Brazilian Association of Psychology, and the editor-in-chief of the Brazilian Journal of Behavior Analysis.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Dr. Benvenuti is an active member of Think Tanks about Social Contingencies and Cultural Practices, a group of behavior analysts interested in the potential for our science to effective social change and behavior intervention on a large scale. He was also part of the Cultural Studies Task Force promoted by ABAI in 2018 to create the Verified Course Sequences in Culturo-Behavior Science.

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