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Allyson Salzer

Machado Armando 2BW

University of Kansas

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Allyson Salzer received her Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire working with Dr. Carla Lagorio, studying delay discounting and demand in non-humans, efforts in sustainability regarding food waste, and applied animal behavior. These experiences shaped my current interests at the University of Kansas, where she studies choice and decision-making paradigms with humans in Dr. Derek Reed’s Applied Behavioral Economics Laboratory. Her prior research in the experimental analysis of behavior led to current translational interests in studying addictive behavior, with an emphasis on methodology. Her studies involve demand for commodities of societal concern such as cigarette smoking, drinking, and illicit substance use (cannabis and stimulants). Her other passion lies in both basic and applied non-human behavior. Within her basic work, she conducts research with canines studying basic paradigms such as studying the ideal free distribution equation. Her applied work is tailored around traditional animal training with the aim of developing a structured animal behavior practicum at the University of Kansas. Finally, she has more traditional applied behavior analysis interests as well. For example, she is actively working toward BACB certification through functioning as a supervisor and case manager at a preschool practicum site where she supervises undergraduate students and provide programming for the preschool children. Upon graduation, she intends to stay in academia as a faculty member to serve as a mentor for undergraduate students as they are introduced into behavior analysis.

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