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The Association for Behavior Analysis International® (ABAI) is a nonprofit membership organization with the mission to contribute to the well-being of society by developing, enhancing, and supporting the growth and vitality of the science of behavior analysis through research, education, and practice.



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Category: Learning Center Videos

2019 Annual Video Package. Presentations plus 23 CEs.

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The package includes the following videos and CE: 
•    Opening Event and Society for the Advancement of Behavior Analysis Award Ceremony. Does not include CE.
•    KEVIN VOWLES. Pain Willingness and Commitment to Valued Living in Chronic Pain. 1 CE credit (BACB/QABA/NASP)
•    FRANK SYMONS. Pain: An Update From the Applied Front--Conditioning and Measuring Behavior Still Matter. 1 CE credit (PSY/BACB/QABA/NASP)
•    ANNMARIE CANO. Translating Behavioral Observation Research to Intervention for Couples With Pain. 1 CE credit (PSY/BACB/NASP)
•    AMANDA NICKERSON. Understanding, Measuring, and Changing Bystander Behavior in Bullying. 1 CE credit (PSY/BACB/NASP)
•    GLEB TSIPURSKY. Fighting Fake News and Post-Truth Politics With Behavioral Science: The Pro-Truth Pledge. 1 CE credit (BACB)
•    JAMILA RAQIB. Presidential Scholar Address: Nonviolent Resistance in the Global Struggle to Defend Democracy and Human Rights. 1 CE credit (PSY/BACB/QABA/NASP)
•    PANEL. Nonviolent Action for Social and Environmental Justice: Contemporary Options. 1 CE credit (PSY/BACB/NASP)
•    JENNIFER FRITZ. Effort Manipulations to Increase Recycling and Reduce Waste. 1 CE credit (PSY/BACB)
•    DANA REINECKE AND CHERYL DAVIS. Best Practices in BCBA Supervision. 1 CE credit (BACB)
•    MICHAEL PETTIT. The Public Lives of Animal Behavior. 1 CE credit (PSY/BACB)
•    CARMEN LUCIANO SORIANO. Behavior Analysis and Relational Frame Theory: Implications. 1 CE credit (PSY/BACB/NASP)
•    TY TASHIRO. The Science of Why We’re Socially Awkward and Why That’s Awesome. 1 CE credit (PSY/BACB/NASP)
•    ARTHUR GLENBERG. Embodied Cognition in Theory and Practice: How Behavior Becomes Thought. 1 CE credit (PSY/BACB/NASP)
•    PAUL GLIMCHER. The Neuroeconomics of Reinforcement and Choice: From Dopamine to Decision-Making. 1 CE credit (PSY/BACB/NASP)
•    WOLFGANG WIEDERMANN. Direction Dependence Analysis: Testing the Direction of Causation in Non-Experimental Person-Oriented Research. 1 CE credit (PSY/BACB/NASP)
•    KATHLEEN O'CONNELL. The Urge to Smoke and the Urge to Urinate: Pavlovian Processes in Health-Related Behaviors. 1 CE credit (PSY/BACB/NASP)
•    PATRICIA PRELOCK. Theory of Mind in Autism: Parent Training in Narrative Book Reading to Improve Social Understanding. 1 CE credit (PSY/BACB/NASP)
•    RUTH ANNE REHFELDT. Why are the Behavioral Sciences Not More Effective: Reprise. 1 CE credit (PSY/BACB/QABA/NASP)
•    STUART LIBMAN. Evolving Organizationally: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy as Organizational Behavior Management in a School-Based Partial Hospital Program. 1 CE credit (PSY/BACB/QABA/NASP)
•    GORDON FOXALL. Behavioral Economics of the Marketing Firm: Bilateral Contingency, Metacontingency, and Agency. 1 CE credit (PSY/BACB/NASP)
•    JUDY JOHNSON. Robots, Artificial Intelligence, and Behavior Analysts: Shaping the Future of Work. 1 CE credit (PSY/BACB/NASP)
•    KENNETH SILVERMAN. Utility of Operant Conditioning to Address Poverty-Related Health Disparities. 1 CE credit (PSY/BACB/QABA/NASP)
•    PETER KILLEEN. Presidential Address: The Heart of Behavior Analysis. 1 CE credit (BACB)

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