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Category: Learning Center Videos

2014 Autism Conference Video Package. Presentations plus 7 CEs.

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This package includes the following presentations from the 2014 Autism Conference:

Fisher, Wayne W. (2014, March). Opening Remarks

Fisher, Wayne W. (2014, March). An Empirical Model for Individualized Assessment and Treatment of Two Types of Elopement: Goal-Directed Bolting and Aimless Wandering

Fisher, Wayne W. and Zarcone, Jennifer (2014, March). Closing Remarks

Kodak, Tiffany (2014, March). Instructive Feedback: A Strategy for Increasing the Efficiency of Instruction for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Lord, Catherine (2014, March). Where Did The DSM-5 Criteria For ASD Come From and Where Are They Going To Take Us?

McDougle, Christopher J. (2014, March). Practical Psychopharmacology of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Panel: Discussant Fisher, Wayne W., and panelists Foreman, Stephen; Piazza, Cathleen; and Williams, Christy (2014, March). Challenges to Families and Providers in Obtaining Payment for Services
Pennington, Robert C. (2014, March). Moving the Mountain: Building Capacity for Behavioral Intervention in Public Schools

Piazza, Cathleen C. (2014, February). Workshop: A Summary of the Effectiveness of Treatments for Pediatric Feeding Disorders

Richman, David M. (2014, March). Emergence, Early Intervention, and Prevention of Self-Injury Exhibited by Very Young Children With Moderate to Profound Developmental Delays

Schreibman, Laura (2014, March). Can't We All Just Get Along?: Combining Behavioral and Developmental Naturalistic Interventions for Young Children with Autism

Strain, Phillip S. (2014, March). Long-Term Outcomes for Young Children With Autism Served in LEAP Preschool

Strain, Phillip S. (2014, February). Workshop: The Power of Peers to Influence Young Children’s Social Competence

Sundberg, Mark L. (2014, March). Incorporating Verbal Behavior Instruction Into Everyday Activities for Children With Autism

Zarcone, Jennifer R. (2014, March) Part II Opening Remarks

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