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31st Annual Convention; Chicago, IL; 2005

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Expo Poster Session #280
#280 Expo - Special Interest Groups
Sunday, May 29, 2005
10:00 PM–12:00 AM
Southwest Exhibit Hall (Lower Level)
1. Behaviorists Interested in Gambling Special Interest Group (BIG SIG)
GINGER R. WILSON (University of Nevada, Reno), Patrick M. Ghezzi (University of Nevada, Reno), Mark R. Dixon (Southern Illinois University), Charles A. Lyons (Eastern Oregon University)
Abstract: This poster will highlight all BIG SIG members, their respective events at ABA, and their current research.
2. Clincial Special Interest Group
ANN BRANSTETTER-ROST (Southwest Missouri State University)
Abstract: Purpose of this presentation is to introduce the clinical SIG to new members of ABA and encourage participation from all members who are interested in clinical application of behavior analysis.
3. OBM Network
RHIANNON M. FANTE (Western Michigan University)
Abstract: The poster will describe OBM Network activities over the past year, and encourage membership in the organization.

Parent-Professional Partnership Special Interest Group

SUZANNE M. BUCHANAN (COSAC), Germaine Ibrahim (COSAC), Barbara Wells (COSAC)

The number of consumers who attend the ABA Convention has increased in recent years. The Parent-Professional Partnership SIG enhances the conference experience for these consumers, particularly parents of children with autism. Through this venue the SIG will provide materials of interest to parents and professionals alike. Materials will include the Autism SIG Consumer Guidelines and specific information on effective parent and professional collaboration. This venue will also provide networking opportunities for parents and professionals.

5. The Experimental Analysis of Human Behavior Special Interest Group
CYNTHIA J. PIETRAS (Western Michigan University), Eric A. Jacobs (Southern Illinois University), Jennifer M. O'Donnell (eCollege), John R. Kraft (Armstrong Atlantic State University)
Abstract: The Experimental Analysis of Human Behavior (EAHB) Special Interest Group (SIG) aims to promote the development of the experimental analysis of behavior with human subjects. The SIG sponsors and maintains the Experimental Analysis of Human Behavior Bulletin, an online journal for empirical articles, research in progress, technical information, laboratory descriptions and abstracts from recent conference presentations on research in the experimental analysis of human behavior. Each year, the SIG also sponsors Student Paper Competition designed to promote and recognize scholarly activity in the Experimental Analysis of Human Behavior. For the past three years the SIG has also presented a Distinguished Career award at the Association for Behavior Analysis (ABA) conference to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the experimental analysis of human behavior. The SIG holds its annual business meeting at the ABA conference. More information on the SIG can be found at
6. The Standard Celeration Society
NICHOLAS M. BERENS (University of Nevada, Reno), Michael Fabrizio (Fabrizio/Moors Consulting), Jesus Rosales-Ruiz (University of North Texas), Sandy McLeod
Abstract: The Standard Celeration Society (SCS) is organized around the uses and benfits of a precise and standard measurement tool: the Standard Celeration Chart. As an organization we sponsor the publication of the Journal of Precision Teaching and Celeration, host an annual convention (the International Precision Teaching Conference), as well as annual "Chart Shares" at the ABA convention. This will be a convention of mixed feelings for the SCS and its members as its founder, Ogden Lindsley, has recently passed. Thus, we invite you to join us in celebrating the life and work of one of the great pioneers in Behavior Analysis.
7. Verbal Behavior Special Interest Group
WILLIAM F. POTTER (California State University, Stanislaus), Matthew P. Normand (Florida Institute of Technology), David Reitman (Nova Southeastern University), David W. Sidener (Western Michigan University)
Abstract: The Verbal Behavior Special interest Group is dedicated to bringing together people interested in VB, whether from an applied, theoretical or experimental viewpoint.



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