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34th Annual Convention; Chicago, IL; 2008

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Expo Poster Session #327
ABAI Expo - Around The World
Sunday, May 25, 2008
10:00 PM–12:00 AM
South Exhibit Hall
47. Canada's First Bachelor's Degree in Behavioural Psychology.
GARY A. BERNFELD (St. Lawrence College, Behavioral Psychology), Sheelagh Jamieson (St. Lawrence College), Marie Line Jobin (St. Lawrence College, Behavioral Psychology), Andrew W. McNamara (St. Lawrence College), Deborah K. Smith (St. Lawrence College)
Abstract: St. Lawrence College began offering a new Bachelor of Applied Arts (Behavioural Psychology) degree in September 2004. This program provides the most comprehensive training in the behavioural sciences at the undergraduate level in Canada. Students are trained in the latest behavioural techniques used in a variety of areas such as acquired brain injuries, autism, addictions, developmental disorders, psychiatric disorders, and special education, as well as adult and youth corrections. Graduates may pursue additional post-secondary education (e.g. graduate school in this area, as well as in teaching, social work, etc). The major areas of study within the program are applied behaviour analysis and cognitive behaviour therapy, as well as behaviourally-orientated courses in Abnormal and Developmental Psychology, Statistics, etc. Classroom based courses combined with three practicum opportunities [totalling over 1100 hours] ensure both knowledge and skill development in assessing behavioural patterns and designing effective programs to achieve behavioural change and skill development. The program has received strong support from past ABA presidents as well as recognised leaders in both research and applied settings across North America. Data from a needs-based survey show a strong demand for a full time degree in the field of behavioural sciences For more information see First go to  full-time studies , then  degree programs  and select our program.



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